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Kolay bir baþlangýç 2 (iki)

iki - two

Benim iki ellerim var
. (beh-nim ih-kih el-leh-rim vahr) - I have two hands.
  ben  -  I
  benim  -  my:   add -im/ım/um/üm/ also to nouns to indicate that something belongs to me*
-  hand
  eller  -  hands:   the addition of -ler to a noun makes it plural 
  ellerim  -  my hands*   
  var  -  there is, there are:   also used in the sense of having/possessing something

Senin bir yatakın var mı ?  -  Do you have a (your own) bed ?
  sen  -  you (the familiar form, equivalent to the German ´du´ and Spanish ´tu´)
  senin  -  your (familiar form):   add -in/ın/un/üno to nouns to indicate ´your´

  yatak  -  bed
  yatakın  -  your bed
  mi/mı/mu/mü  word used to turn a statement into a question

[Please consult the lesson on vowel harmony by  admin to deepen your knowledge  of how to use the various im/ım/um/ümü etc. forms]

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