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FORMULA:VR+ (Y) 2N        For positif

VR+ma+yan  + noun

VR+me+yen +noun


  VR : (verb root)  Y is a buffer if  the word ends with vowel  as e, 覺,i a etc....

By adding "en "or "an" to the verb root  we form a verbal noun  which defines the word after for example gelen adam  the man who comes. This is also a relative clause in english . We call ortaç in Turk覺sh.

 The final verb tells us about the tense (present or futur or past).

Gelen adam babam. the man who comes is my father

Koan adam taksiye bindi: the man who runs took the taxi

Koan adam taksiye biniyor: the man who runs is taking the taxi

koan adam tasiye binecek: the man who runs will take the taxi.

Gelen mektuplar覺 gördün mü? Did you see the letter which came?

Gel: Verb Root for to come  mektuplar: letters  görmek: to see gördün: you saw  mÜ : question tag   


1-The girl who cries:                          ala....k覺z

2-The secretary who works:               çal覺....... sekreter

3-the secretery who doesn´t work:       çal覺......... sekreter.

4-The man who reads                        Oku...........adam  

5-The man who doesn´t read:               oku...........adam


1-alayan k覺z  2- çal覺an sekreter 3 -çal覺mayan sekrete 4-okuyan adam   5 -okumayan adam  

When the noun is abscent : giden adam  is reduced to giden the one  who went....who goes..

Alan kad覺n: alan the one who buys. or buoyed


Piknie gidenler kimler? Who are going to the picnic?

Yemek yiyenler parmak kald覺rs覺n: the one who will eat,must raise the finger.

Parmak: finger   kald覺rmak : to raise  kald覺rs覺n: imperative 3 the person

Hasta olanlara ben bakar覺m: I´ll take care to  the one who are sick

Olan: the one who are  (to be: olmak)

olmayan: the one who aren´t

A覺 olmak: to have vaccination  (a覺 oldum:覺 had vaccination)

A覺 olmayanlar kimler?  Who are the one who didn´t have vaccination?

Bunu söyleyen Aye´ydi: It was Aye who said that

Köede duran valiz senin mi? The suitcase which is at the corner is yours?

Aa覺da oturan bayan覺n ad覺 ne?: What´s the name of the lady who lives downstairs.


Çok gez....çok bilir: Who travels a lot, know a lot

Sinemadan ç覺k........insanlar al覺yordu: the people who were getting out the movie were crying

bo konu......................insanlar benden uzak olsun: The people who speak no purpose should be away from me

Toplant覺ya gel.....  arkadalara bir önerim var: I have a suggestion to  the friends who participated the meeting

Öneri: a suggestion    toplant覺: meeting

Oyunu been....... puan versin: the ones who like the game should give points

Oyunu been............. gidebilir: The ones  who don´t like the game can leave.

Para üstü al...........  var m覺?    Is there anyone who didn´t get the  money back?

(Paraüstü: you give 100 TL the man pays you back 40 TL because it costed only 60TL)

Anla.......sorsun:  The ones who didn´t understand should askedAnswers


Answers :Gezen/ ç覺kan/ konuan/beenenler/ beenmeyenler/almayanlar/ anlamayanlar




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