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Meeting Someone

o Merhaba  (Hi)

o Merhaba  (Hi)

o Benim ad覺m Umut, sizin ad覺n覺z ne?   ( My name is Umut, what is your name?)

o Benim ad覺m Ya覺z.  ( My name is Ya覺z.)

o Nas覺ls覺n覺z?  ( How are you?)

o 襤yiyim sa olun. Siz nas覺ls覺n覺z?  ( I am fine thank you. How are you?)

o Ben de iyiyim, teekkür ederim.  ( I am fine too, thank you.)

o Nerelisiniz?  (Where are you from?)

o Ben Mersinliyim. Siz nerelisiniz?  ( I am from Mersin. Where are you from?)

o Ben Takentliyim.  ( I am from Takent.)

o Kaç ya覺ndas覺n覺z? ( How old are you?)

o Ben 21 ya覺nday覺m. Siz kaç ya覺ndas覺n覺z? ( I am 21 years old. How old are you?)

o Ben otuz iki ya覺nday覺m. ( I am 32 years old.)

o Çal覺覺yor musunuz?  ( Do you work?)

o Evet çal覺覺yorum. Ya siz?  ( Yes i do And you?)

o Ben çal覺m覺yorum. Örenciyim.  ( I dont work. I am a student.)

o Çok güzel.  ( Very good.)

o Sizinle tan覺t覺覺m覺za memnun oldum. imdi gitmeliyim.  ( Nice too meet you. Now i must go.)

o Ben de memnun oldum.  ( Nice to meet you too.)

o Görümek üzere. Hoça kal覺n.  ( See you. Bye)

o Güle güle.  ( Bye)


Important Note :


“Hoça kal” and “güle güle” words are generally used wrongly.


Hoça kal means  stay well  if it is translated directly into English.  That’s why it should be said to the remaining one, by the one who leaves.  


Güle güle (git) means go pleasantly if it is translated directly into English. That’s why it should be said to the leaving one by the one who remains.


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