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As you know the most difficult part of the Turkish is to have many suffixes in the same word. We must learn very well he possessive suffixes because we ill add genitive .

let2s take  yatak odas覺 as a modified noun.

 We take out s覺 suffixe in order to make it possessive forme:

Benim yatak odam : my bed room

Senin yatak odan覺n : your bed room

Onun yatak odas覺 : his her bed room

Bizim yatak odam覺z : our bed room

Sizin yatak odan覺z         : your bed room (polite or plural)

Onlar覺n yatak odalar覺      : their bed room

Now let´s use genitive (n)4n to have another possessed noun with it.

Benim yatak odam覺n penceresi :My bed room´s window

Now let´s use genitive suffixe to have another possessed noun

Benim yatak odam覺n penceresinin rengi: the colour of my bed room´s window.

As you see the last one take (s)4.  (4 =i,覺,u,ü please look at the first lesson,vowel harmony)

4 Case Endings with my bed room


Benim yatak odama gel: Dative form (y)2 (2 means  e or a): Come to my bed room

Benim yatak odamdan ç覺k: Ablative form ( d2n t2n): Get out from my bed room

Benim yatak odam覺 temizle: Accusative form (y) 4 :Clean my bed room

benim yatak odamda uyu: Locative form : d2 t2  : Sleep in my bed room

Now  let´s use summer house: yazl覺k ev

tamir etmek: to repair kalmak: to stay


Please translate

his summer house:

our summer house:

my summer house

sleep in his summer house

stay in his summer house

 clean our summer house

repair my summer house

I left my summer house 

you left your summer house

look at my summer house


his summer house:onun yazl覺k evi

our summer house:(bizim )yazl覺k evimiz

my summer house: (benim) yazl覺k evim

sleep in his summer house: onun yazl覺k evinde uyu -locative 

stay in his summer house: onun yazl覺k evinde kal-locat覺ve 

 clean our summer house: (bizim) yazl覺k evimizi temizle-accusative

repair my summer house:  yazl覺k evimi tamir et-accusative

I left my summer house : yazl覺k evimden ç覺kt覺m-ablative 

you left your summer house: yazl覺k evinden ç覺kt覺n-ablative 

look at my summer house yazl覺k evime bak-dative 



kitchen: mutfal  lamp: lamba   price : fiyat

neighbour: komu okul: school     köpek: dog   bahçe: garden   anne: mother

Benim okulumun müdürünün annesi hasta:

My neighbour´s father´s dog is in my garden : 

My kitchen´s lamp´s price is 50 TL: 


Our school´s principal´s mother  is sick

Komumun babas覺n覺n köpei bizim bahçede

Mutfa覺m覺n lambas覺n覺n fiyat覺 50 TL









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