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In Turkey Turkish, haplology can be seen;

1-     In some disyllables, if a suffix which starts with a vowel is added.


Az + 覺 – Az覺  (A覺z覺 is wrong)

Aln + 覺 – Aln覺 ( Al覺n覺 is wrong)

Bar + 覺 – Bar覺 (Ba覺r覺 is wrong)

Beniz + i – Benzi

Beyin + imiz – Beynimiz

Boyun + u – Boynu

ür + üm – Börüm

Gönül + ün – Gönlün

Karn + 覺m – Karn覺m

Sabr + 覺m –Sabr覺m

Nesil + i – Nesli


There is no exact rule for this. But you may understand that the aim is making pronunciation easier, if you pronounce right and wrong usage in succession.


2-   In some combined words.

Pazar ertesi – Pazar+ertesi – Pazartesi

Kay覺n ana – Kayn+ana – Kaynana

Ne için – Ne+için – Niçin

Ne as覺l – Ne+as覺l – Nas覺l


Important Note :


Eventhough in colloquial Turkish, haplology seen in the words given below, in written language it is wrong to write them withouth vowel.  ( As it will be seen, it doesn’t obey the rule given above. The word finishes with vowel  not the suffix starts with vowel.)

içeri – içeri + de – içeride

içeri – içeri + de – içerde ( it is right in daily speech, but in written language it is wrong)


ura – ura + da – urada

ura – ura + da – urda ( it is right in daily speech, but in written language it is wrong)


bura – bura + da – burada

bura – bura + da – burda


Other words which can be counted in this group are ; ora, yukar覺, aa覺 ileri etc.

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