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"var/yok" - 1

This is quite easy topic. Therefore there is no need to make long explanations.


var (there is / there are)

yok (1there isn´t / there aren´t, 2absent)


s覺n覺f (the classroom, the class)

yirmi bir (twenty one)

örenci (the student)


s覺n覺f+da(locative)--->s覺n覺fta (in the class)

yirmi bir örenci var (there are twenty one students)


S覺n覺fta yirmi bir örenci var. (There are twenty one students in the class.)


gerek (the need, the necessity)

gerek yok (there is no need (direct: there isn´t need))


diye (called)

bir (1...2a/an,3.....)

program (1the program, 2software) / yaz覺l覺m (the software)


... diye = called ...


Ccleaner diye bir program var; çok iyi. (There is a software called Ccleaner, it´s so good.)


Nurgül (a Turkish femine name)

arkada (the friend)

söylemek (to say)


Nurgül diye bir arkada (a friend called Nurgül)

söyle+di+- -----> söyledi (he told/said)


-Bunu kim söyledi? (Who told this?)

-Nurgül diye bir arkada var, o söyledi. (There is a friend called Nurgül, she told.)


kaç/ kaç tane (how many)

harf (the letter)


Türkçe+de(locative)----------->Türkçede (in Turkish)

kaç (tane) harf (how many letters)


Türkçede kaç harf var? (How many letters are there in Turkish?)


aile (the family)

çocuk (the child)


aile+niz+de----------->ailenizde (in your family)

kaç (tane) çocuk (how many children)


Ailenizde kaç çocuk var? (How many children are there in your family?)


Londra (London)

daha, hâlâ (still (adverb))

iki (two)

saat (1hour,2...3...)


Londra+a(dative)----->Londra´ya (to London)


Londra´ya daha iki saat var. (Two hours to arrive in London (direct: There are still two hours to London))


bugün (today)

menü (the menu)

güzel (nice, beautiful)

yemek (1...2the meal)


menü+de (locative)------>menüde (in the menu)


Bugün menüde güzel yemek var m覺? (Is there any nice meal in menu today? (direct: Is there nice meal.....)


gömlek (the shirt)

leke (the stain)


gömlek+m(poss.)+de(locative)--------->gömleimde (on my shirt)


Gömleimde leke var m覺? (Is there any stain on my shirt? (direct: Is there stain...)


sizin (your (2nd plural))

grup (1the group,2 the band)

dört (four)

kii (the person)

ihtiyaç, gerek (the necessity)


sizin grup+niz+den(ablative)------->sizin grubunuzdan / sizin gruptan (from your group)

dört kii+e(dative)---------------->dört kiiye (to four people)


Sizin gruptan dört kiiye ihtiyaç var. (Four people from your group are required/needed (direct: There is need to four people from your group))


gerekmek (to be required, to be needed)

gerek+yor----->gerekiyor (it is being needed)


Sizin gruptan dört kii gerekiyor. (Four people from your group are needed)


-den baka (except ...)

hiç kimse (nobody)


biz+den baka------>bizden baka (except us)


Bizden baka (hiç) kimse yok (There is nobody except us.)


liste (the list)

bizim (our)

ad=isim (1the name, 2the noun)


liste+de(loc.)-------->listede (on the list)

isim+ler+miz, ad+lar+m覺z--->isimlerimiz=adlar覺m覺z (our names)


Listede bizim isimlerimiz yok. (Our names are absent on the list.)


bu liste+de(loc.)----->bu listede (on this list)

yok+iz--------------->yokuz (we are absent)


Biz bu listede yokuz. (We are absent on this list.)


yatak (the bed)

alt (the downside, the below)

ne (what)


alt+i(poss.)+da(locative)------->alt覺nda (under the ...)

yatak+覺n alt+覺+da-------------->yata覺n alt覺nda (under the bed)


Yata覺n alt覺nda ne var? (What is there under the bed?)


yan (the beside)

kim (who)


yan+n(poss.)+de (loc.)------->yan覺nda (beside you)


Yan覺nda kim var? (Who is there beside you?)


bura (this place, here)

ben (I)


bura+da(locative)------->burada (here, in this place)

var+覺m------------------>var覺m (i´m existed)


Burada ben var覺m (I am existed here (direct: There is me here))


var idi--->vard覺 (there was/were)

yok idi--->yoktu (there wasn´t/weren´t),


dün (yesterday)

s覺nav (the exam)


Dün s覺nav yoktu (There was no exam yesterday)


sabah (the morning)

yamur (the rain)


Sabah yamur vard覺. (There was rain in the morning.)


onlar (they)

bugün (today)

okul (the school)


okul+da(locative)------------>okulda (at the school)

yok+di+ler / yok+ler+di------->yoktular/yoklard覺 (there were absent)


Onlar bugün okulda deillerdi (They weren´t at the school today)

Onlar bugün okulda yoktu (They were absent at the school today.)

/Bugün okulda yoklard覺

/Bugün okulda yoktular


cami (the mosque)

yan (the beside)

eski (old)

duvar (the wall)

geçen ay (last month)

çökmek, y覺k覺lmak (to collapse (reflexive))


cami+in yan+覺+da-------->caminin yan覺nda (beside the mosque)

çök+di------------------>çöktü (it collapsed)


Caminin yan覺nda eski bir duvar vard覺, geçen ay çöktü (There was an old wall beside the mosque, it collapsed last month)


ayak (the foot)

yara (the injure)

ama, fakat (but)

geçmek (1to pass, 2....3....4...5....6to get better, 7...)


ayak+m(poss.)+da (locative)-------->aya覺mda (on my foot)


Aya覺mda yara vard覺 ama geçti (There was an injure on my foot but it got better)


matematik (the maths)

-den sonra (after the ...)

felsefe (the philosophy)

iptal (1cancelled, 2the cancellation)

iptal etmek (to cancel)

öretmen (the teacher)

hoca (someone who teachs something, 1the teacher, 2the imam, 3the coach)


We (as students) use "hoca" more than "öretmen" after the primary school. Why? That is a public habit. :)

matematik+den sonra-------->matematikten sonra (after the maths)

yok mu idi-------->yok muydu?

var m覺 idi--------->var m覺yd覺?


-Matematikten sonra Felsefe yok muydu? (Wasn´t there Philosophy after the Maths?)

-Hoca "ders iptal" dedi. (The teacher said "the lesson is cancelled".)



iptal et+di------------------->iptal etti


Hoca dersi iptal etti (The teacher cancelled the lesson)


var ise-------->varsa (if there is)

yok ise-------->yoksa (1if there isn´t, 2otherwise (=yoksa, deilse))


ucuz (cheap)

satmak (1to sell, 2...3..4..)

bir yer (somewhere, a place)

ora (that place, there)

almak (1....2to buy,3....)


o kitap+覺(accusative)-------------------->o kitab覺 (that book (accusative))

ucuza satmak (to sell for a low cost, to sell cheaply)

ora+dan(ablative)----------------------->oradan (from there)


O kitab覺 ucuza satan bir yer varsa oradan alal覺m. (Let´s buy that book if there is somewhere that sells (it) for a low cost)


rapor (the report)

hata (the mistake, the error, the fault) (pronunciation: hataa) 

hatal覺, yanl覺 (mistaken, wrong, false)

k覺s覺m, bölüm (1part, 2episode)

lütfen (please)

uyarmak (to warn)


raporda hatal覺 bir k覺s覺m var (there is a wrong part in the report)

biz+i(accusative) uyar+覺n

bizi lütfen uyar覺n (warn, please) (imperative for 2nd plural)


Raporda hatal覺 bir k覺s覺m varsa bizi lütfen uyar覺n (Please warn us if there is a wrong part in the report) 


öbür, öteki, dier (other)

fakülte (the faculty)

kütüphane (the library)


bizim fakülte+in(gentivie)------------------>bizim fakültenin (of our faculty)

kütüphane+i(poss.)+de(locative)---------->kütüphanesinde (in its library)

öteki fakülte+ler(plural)+in(genitive)------------->öteki fakültelerin (of other faculties)

kütüphane+ler(plural)+i(poss.)+den(abl.)-->kütüphanelerinden (from their libraries)

al+r+iz------------------------------------->al覺r覺z (we take)


bizim fakültenin kütüphanesinde yok (it is absent in the library of our faculty)

öteki fakültelerin kütüphanelerinden al覺r覺z (we take from the libraries of other faculties)


Bizim fakültenin kütüphanesinde yoksa öteki fakültelerin kütüphanelerinden al覺r覺z. (We take from the libraries of other faculties if it is absent in the library of our faculty)


program, yaz覺l覺m (the software)

senin (your)

bilgisayar (the computer)

benim (my)

yüklemek (1to load, to upload, 2...3..)


senin bilgisayar+de (locative)

bu program senin bilgisayarda var (this software is existed in your computer)

benim bilgisayar+e(dative)


benim bilgisayara yükleriz (we load into my computer)


Bu program senin bilgisayarda varsa benim bilgisayara yükleriz. (If this software is existed in your computer, we load into my computer)

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