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Turkish Grammar-6: Verbs-7.9

There are two alternatives:

1) mi+idi ---> miti

2) idi+idi ----> diydi


But "-diydi" is preferred in colloquial much more. You can use "-diydi" in written language too, but in written language, "-miti" is preferred much more.


Don´t think "-miti" expresses indefinity, unknownness like just "-mi". "-miti" and "-diydi" are the same.


VERB mi idi m -mitim I had ...ed
VERB mi idi n -mitin you had ...ed
VERB mi idi   -miti he had ...ed
VERB mi idi k -mitik we had ...ed
VERB mi idi niz -mitiniz you had ...ed











they had ...ed


VERB di idi m -diydim I had ...ed
VERB di idi n -diydin you had ...ed
VERB di idi   -diydi he had ...ed
VERB di idi k -diydik we had ...ed
VERB di idi niz -diydiniz you had ...ed











they had ...ed


konu (the topic)

birçok kez, birçok sefer, birçok defa, pek çok kez, pek çok sefer (many times)

anlatmak (to tell)

imdi (now)

hat覺rlamak (to remember)


konu+lar+覺(acc.)------------------------------>konular覺 (the topics)

anlat+m覺 idi--->anlat+m覺+d覺------------------>anlatm覺t覺 (he had told)

anlat+d覺 idi----->anlat+d覺+idi------------------>anlatt覺yd覺

hat覺rla+ma+yor+im---------------------------->hat覺rlam覺yorum (i am not remembering)


Bu konular覺 birçok kez anlatm覺t覺 ama imdi hat覺rlam覺yorum. (He had told these topics many times but I don´t remember now.)



okumak (to read)

iir (the poem)

beenmek (to like)

oysa, hâlbuki (whereas)

daha önce (earlier)

dierleri, bakalar覺 (another ones, other ones, others)

de / da (also, too)



been+di------------------------------------>beendi (he liked)

oku+m覺 idi----->oku+m覺+d覺------------------>okumutu (he had read)

bakalar覺 da (others too)

 onlar覺n+ki+ler+i(accusative)----------------------->onlar覺nkiler (their ones (acc.))

been+me+mi idi----------------------------->beenmemiti (he hadn´t liked)


iiri ben okuduumda çok beendi, hâlbuki daha önce bakalar覺 da okumutu, onlar覺nkileri beenmemiti. (He liked the poem when I recited, whereas others too had recited earlier, he hadn´t liked their ones.)



saat (1the hour, 2the watch, 3the clock)

yedi (seven)

kurmak (1to set, 2to set up, 3to found, 4to wind up, 5...6..)

yine de (even so, nevertheless)

uyanmak (to wake up, to get up)



yedi+e(dative)------------------------------>yediye (to the seven)

kur+m覺 idi+m------------------------------->kurmutum (i had winded up)


Saati yediye kurmutum, yine de uyanamad覺m. (I had winded the clock for seven o´clock, even so, I couldn´t wake up.)



ayn覺 (same)

ey (thing)

birkaç (a few)

saat (1the hour, 2the clock, 3the watch)

önce (before, ago)

de / da (also, too)

olmak (1to be, 2to become, 3to happen, 4to occur, 5...6...10)


birkaç saat önce de (a few hours ago too)

ol+m覺 idi-->ol+m覺+d覺---------------------->olmutu (it had happened)


Ayn覺 ey birkaç saat önce de olmutu. (The same thing had also occured a few hours ago)


Çin (China)

en son (latest)

on (ten)

y覺l, sene (the year)

önce (before, ago)

gitmek (to go)


Çin+e(dative)---------------------------->Çin´e (to China)

git+mi idi+k----------------------------->gitmitik (we had gone)


Çin´e en son on y覺l önce gitmitik. (We had been to China ten years ago latest) (it is understood this event has stayed in distant past)


dün (yesterday)

bir ey (something)

istemek (to want)

ne (what)


ben+den(ablative)---------------------->benden (from me)

iste+mi idi+n--------------------------->istemitin (you had wanted)

ne+idi---------------------------------->neydi? (what was it?)


Sen dün benden bir ey istemitin; o neydi? (You had wanted something yesterday from me; what was it?)


bir gün (one day)

öretmen (the teacher)

resim (the picture)

güzel (beautiful, nice)

ey (thing)

çizmek (to draw)


biz+den(ablative)---------------------->bizden (from us)

bir+r(distributive)---------------------->birer (per one)

iste+mi idi---------------------------->istemiti (he had wanted)

hep+miz------------------------------->hepimiz (all of us)

çok güzel eyler (so nice things)

çiz+mi idi+k--------------------------->çizmitik (we had drawn)


Öretmen bir gün bizden birer resim istemiti ve hepimiz çok güzel eyler çizmitik. (The teacher wanted picture from each of us and we had drawn so nice things.) (It would be the same by only "-di" but it is better to use "-miti" if you are telling a memory. We usually prefer to use "-miti" while telling our a memory)


k覺zmak (to get angry)

hakl覺 (right)

ama, fakat (but)

ödev (th homework)

yapmak (to do)

getirmek (to bring)

unutmak (to forget)



hakl覺+s覺n覺z-------------------------------->hakl覺s覺n覺z (you are right)

ödev+m+i-------------------------------->ödevimi (my homework (accusative))

yap+m覺 idi+m---------------------------->yapm覺t覺m (i had done)

unut+d覺+m------------------------------->unuttum (i forgot)


K覺zmakta hakl覺s覺n覺z ama ben ödevimi yapm覺t覺m, fakat getirmeyi unuttum. (You have right to get angry but I had done homework, but I forgot to bring.)


sanmak, zannetmek (to suppose, to think)

düünmek (to think)

yanl覺 (false, wrong)


k覺z+d覺+n------------------------------>k覺zd覺n (you got angry)

san+m覺 idi+m------------------------->sanm覺t覺m (i had thought)

k覺z+ma+m覺 m覺+idi+n------------------->k覺zmam覺 m覺yd覺n? (hadn´t you got angry?)

k覺z+ma+m覺 idi+m---------------------->k覺zmam覺t覺m (ihadn´t got angry)

düün+mi+sin------------------------->düünmüsün (you have thought)


A: K覺zd覺n sanm覺t覺m. K覺zmam覺 m覺yd覺n? (I thought you had got angry. Hadn´t you got?)

B: Hay覺r, k覺zmam覺t覺m. Yanl覺 düünmüsün. (No, I hadn´t. You have thought wrong.) (B used just "-mi" so as to mean he noticed A has thought wrong.)

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