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the patterns of -dik -3


dik m i -diimi the fact that/what I ...
  dik n i -diini the fact that/what you ...
  dik i i -diini the fact that/what he ...
  dik miz i -diimizi the fact that/what we ...
  dik niz i -diinizi the fact that/what you ...
  dik leri i -diklerini the fact that/what they ...


The time (tense) is not very important here. The event or thing is important.


söylemek (to say, to tell)

anlamak (to understand)



anla+yor mu+sun-------------------->anl覺yor musun? (do you understand? (are you understanding?)


Söylediimi anl覺yor musun? (1Do you understand what I am saying?, 2Do you understand that I am saying?)


You can use "ne (what)" to remove the ambiguity)


Ne söylediimi anl覺yor musun? (Do you understand what I am saying?)


anla+d覺+n m覺?------------------------->anlad覺n m覺? (did you understand?)


Ne söylediimi anlad覺n m覺? (Did you understand what I said/was saying ?)



örenmek (to learn)

bilmek (to know)



bil+me+yor idi+m----------------------->bilmiyordum (i didn´t know (direct: i wasn´t knowing))


Türkçe örendiini bilmiyordum. (1I didn´t know you have learnt Turkish. 2I didn´t know you learn/are learnng Turkish.)


bakmak (to look)

fark etmek (to notice)


biz+e(dative)-------------------------------->bize (to us)


fark et+di+m--------------------------------->fark ettik (we noticed)


Bize bakt覺klar覺n覺 fark ettim. (I noticed they are/were looking at us.)


You can put personal suffixes if an ambiguity happens or emphasize. Because this pattern is a possessive determiner, too.


kimse (1someone, 2no one)

söz etmek, bahsetmek (to talk about)

nas覺l (how)

bilmek (to know)


bu+dan(ablative)----------------------------->bundan (from this)

kimse+e(dative)------------------------------>kimseye (to no one)



Bundan kimseye bahsetmediini nas覺l bilebiliriz? (How can we know you have talked to no one about this?)


uyumak (to sleep)

sanmak, düünmek (to suppose, to think)



san+m覺+d覺+k--------------------------->sanm覺t覺k (we had thought)


Uyuduunu sanm覺t覺k. (We had thought you were sleeping/you slept)


hasta (1sick, ill, 2the patient)

olmak (to be, ................................................)

kimse (1someone, 2no one)

söylemek (to say, to tell)



kimse+e(dative)----------------------->kimseye (to no one)

söyle+me+- -------------------------->söyleme (don´t say)


Benim hasta olduumu kimseye söyleme. (Say no one that I´m ill.)


öretmen (the teacher)

s覺n覺f (the class, the classroom)

girmek (1to come into, 2to enter, 3to join, 4...5.)

görmek (to see)


öretmen+in(genitive)---------------->öretmenin (of the teacher)

s覺n覺f+a(dative)----------------------->s覺n覺fa (to the classroom)


gör+me+di+k------------------------->görmedik (we didn´t see)


hocan覺n s覺n覺fa girdiini (the teacher´s fact that comes into the classroom)


Hocan覺n s覺n覺fa girdiini görmedik. (We didn´t see the teacher came into the classroom.)


aramak (1to look for, 2to call (by phone), 3...4...)

söylemek (to tell, to say)


sen+i(accusative)-------------------->seni(you (accusative))


söyle+di+ler-------------------------->söylediler (they said)


Seni arad覺klar覺n覺 söylediler. (They said they were looking for you/looked for you)


s覺nav (the exam)

kötü (bad)

puan, not (the point, the note)

almak (to take)

söylemek (to say, to tell)


s覺nav+dan(ablative)---------------------->s覺navdan (from the lesson)


söyle+me+ecek+im----------------------->söylemeyeceim (i won´t say)


kötü not ald覺覺m覺 (the fact that I took bad point)


S覺navdan kötü not ald覺覺m覺 söylemeyeceim. (I won´t say that I took bad point from the lesson.)


dün (yesterday)

yapmak (to do)

bir daha, tekrar (one more, again)



yap+ma-------------------------------->yapma (don´t do)


Dün yapt覺覺n覺 bir daha yapma. (Don´t do again what you did yesterday.)


onun (his)

yapmak (to do)

sen de (you too, also you)

zorunda olmak (to have to)



yapmak zorunda deil+sin---------------->yapmak zorunda deilsin (you don´t need to do, you don´t have to do)


Onun yapt覺覺n覺 sen de yapmak zorunda deilsin. (You don´t have to do, too, what he does/did) (there is no need so that you do the same thing)


yazmak (to write)

niye, neden (why?)

okumak (to read)



oku+ma+d覺+n----------------------------->okumad覺n (you didn´t read)


Bizim yazd覺klar覺m覺z覺 neden okumad覺n? (Why didn´t you read what(plural) we have written.)


bu kadar (this much)

h覺zl覺 (fast)

komak (to run)

hiç (never)

görmek (to see)



gör+me+mi+di+m------------------------->görmemitim (i hadn´t seen)


Senin bu kadar h覺zl覺 kotuunu hiç görmemitim (I had never seen you run fast this much.)


ne (what)

demek (to say)

bilmek (to know)

fark覺nda olmak (to be aware)



bil+me+yor+siniz------------------------->bilmiyorsunuz (you don´t know)

fark覺nda m覺+s覺n覺z------------------------->fark覺nda m覺s覺n覺z? (are you aware?)


Ne dediinizi bilmiyorsunuz, fark覺nda m覺s覺n覺z? (Are you aware of the fact that you don´t know what you are saying? / You don´t know what are you saying, are you aware?)


çikolata (the chocolate)

sevmek (to like, to love)

unutmak (to forget)


çikolata+覺 (accusative)-------------------->çikolatay覺 (the chocolate)


unut+d覺+n m覺------------------------------>unuttun mu? (did you forget?)


Çikolatay覺 sevmediimi unuttun mu? (Did you forget I don´t like the chocolate?)


hayal (the dream)

pilot (the pilot)

olmak (1to be, 2to become, 3....4...5...19)

mümkün (possible)

ilkokul (the primary school)

fark etmek (to notice, to observe, to realise)


hayal+m--------------------------------->hayalim (my dream)

olmak+idi-------------------------------->olmakt覺 (it was to be)

bu+覺n(genitive)--------------------------->bunun (of this)

bunun mümkün ol+ma+d覺k+覺+覺-------------->bunun mümkün olmad覺覺n覺 (the fact, that it is not possible, of this)

ilkokul+da-------------------------------->ilkokulda (in the primary school)

fark et+di+m----------------------------->fark ettim (i noticed)


Hayalim pilot olmakt覺 ama bunun mümkün olmad覺覺n覺 ilkokulda fark ettim. (My dream was to become a pilot but I noticed this is not possible at the primary school)

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