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the pattern of -dik -5


  dik m de -diimde when I ...
  dik n de -diinde when you ...
  dik i de -diinde when he ...
  dik miz de -diimizde when we ...
  dik niz de -diinizde when you ...
  dik leri de -diklerinde when they ...


B is alternative way, there is no meaning difference.



  dik m zaman -diim zaman when I ...
  dik n zaman -diin zaman when you ...
  dik i zaman -dii zaman when he ...
  dik miz zaman -diimiz zaman when we ...
  dik niz zaman -diiniz zaman when you ...
  dik leri zaman -dikleri zaman when they ...



otobüs (the bus)

binmek (to get on)

mesaj (the message)

atmak (1to throw, 2to chuck, 3...4....5..6...)


otobüs+e(dative)------------------->otobüse (to the bus)

bin+dik+m+de----------------------->bindiimde (when I get on)

/bindiim zaman

sen+e(dative)---------------------->sana (to you)



Otobüse bindiimde sana mesaj atar覺m. (I send message when I get on the bus.)

Otobüse bindiim zaman sana mesaj atar覺m.


elektrik (the electric)

gitmek (to go)

ev (the house, the home)



ev+de idi+m------------------------>evdeydim (i was at home)


Elektrik gittiinde evdeydim. (I was at home when the electric went off.)


aramak (1to look for, 2to search, 3to call (by phone))

nere (where, which place)


ara+d覺k+m+da---------------------->arad覺覺mda (when I call/called)

nere+de idi+n---------------------->neredeydin? (where were you?)


Arad覺覺mda neredeydin? (Where were you when I called?)


kol (the arm)

bisiklet (the bicycle)

dümek (to fall)

çatlamak (to crack)


kol+m-------------------------------->kolum (my arm)

bisiklet+den(ablative)----------------->bisikletten (from the bicycle)

dü+dik+m+de------------------------>dütüümde (when I fell)

çatla+d覺------------------------------>çatlad覺 (it cracked)


Kolum bisikletten dütüümde çatlad覺. (My arm cracked when I fell from the bicycle.)


s覺nav (the exam)

geçmek (1to pass, 2..3..4..)

örenmek (to learn)

sevinmek (to get happy)


s覺nav+覺(accusative)----------------->s覺nav覺 (the exam)

geç+dik+n+i------------------------>geçtiini (the fact that you passed)

ören+dik+miz+de------------------->örendiimizde (when we learnt)

sevin+di+k-------------------------->sevindik (we got happy)


S覺nav覺 geçtiini örendiimizde çok sevindik. (We got very happy when we learnt that you passed the exam)


sinirlenmek (to get angry)

küfür (the curse, the swear)

küfür etmek, küfretmek (to curse, tu swear)


sinirlen+dik+n+de--------------------->sinirlendiinde (when you get angry)

küfret+yor+s覺n----------------------->küfrediyorsun (you are swearing)


Sinirlendiinde çok küfrediyorsun, dikkat etmen gerek. (You are swearing very much when you get angry, you need to pay attention.)


anlamak (to understand)

tekrar tekrar (again and again)

sormak (to ask)


anla+ma+d覺k+m覺z+da------------>anlamad覺覺m覺zda (when we don´t understand)

sor+yor+覺z---------------------->soruyoruz (we are asking)


Anlamad覺覺m覺zda tekrar tekrar soruyoruz. (We are asking again and again when we don´t understand.)


It may be better to hear to use the pattern with "zaman" for the negative clause. But no difference happens nevertheless.


Anlamad覺覺m覺z zaman tekrar tekrar soruyoruz. (We are asking again and again when we don´t understand.)


yard覺m (the help)

istemek (to want)

kendi (oneself)

ta覺mak (to carry)

sanki (as if, like, so to speak)

yard覺m etmek (to help)

çanta (the bag)

çok iyi (very well)



yard覺m+n(poss.)+覺(acc.)---------------------->yard覺m覺n覺 (your help)

iste+me+yor+im------------------------------>istemiyorum (i don´t want)

kendi+m------------------------------------->kendim (myself)

ta覺+r+覺m------------------------------------>ta覺r覺m (i carry)

yard覺m et+me+dik+m zaman------------------->yard覺m etmediim zaman (when i don´t help)

çanta+覺(acc.)-------------------------------->çantay覺 (the bag)

ta覺+acak+s覺n-------------------------------->ta覺yacaks覺n (you will carry)


-Yard覺m覺n覺 istemiyorum. Kendim ta覺r覺m. (I don´t want your help. I carry myself.)

-Sanki yard覺m etmediim zaman o çantay覺 çok iyi ta覺yacaks覺n. (Like you will carry that bag very well when I don´t help.)


覺覺k (the light)

yanmak (1to burn (intransitive), 2to light (intransitive))

tehlike (the danger)

olmak (1to be, 2...3..4.....19)

bilmek (to know)


yan+ma+d覺k+覺 zaman----------------------------->yanmad覺覺 zaman (when it doesn´t light)


bil+---------------------------------------------->bil (know)


I覺k yanmad覺覺 zaman bir tehlike olduunu bil. (Know there is a danger when it doesn´t light)


ayn覺 (same)

ey (thing)

onlar (they)

yapmak (to do)

niye (why)

itiraz(the objection)

itiraz etmek (to object)


ayn覺 ey+i(accusative)--------------------------->ayn覺 eyi (the same thing (acc.))

yap+d覺k+覺 zaman--------------------------------->yapt覺覺 zaman (when he does)

itiraz et+me+di+niz------------------------------>itiraz etmediniz (you didn´t object)


Ayn覺 eyi onlar yapt覺覺 zaman niye itiraz etmediniz? (Why didn´t you object when they did the same thing?)

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