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the pattern of -dik -6

  dik m den -diimden  
  dik n den -diinden  
  dik i den -diinden  
  dik miz den -diimizden  
  dik niz den -diinizden  
  dik leri den -diklerinden  


hiçbir ey (nothing)

bilmek (to know)

emin (sure)

-den emin olmak = to be sure about/that ...


bil+me+dik+miz+den------------------------->bilmediimizden (from the fact that we don´t know)

emin mi+sin--------------------------------->emin misin? (are you sure?)


Hiçbir ey bilmediimizden emin misin? (Are you sure that we know nothing?


zeki (clever, intelligent)

olmak (to be, 2...3...4....)

üphe (the doubt)


ol+duk+n+dan-------------------------->olduundan (from the fact that you are)

üphe+m yok--------------------------->üphem yok (i have no doubt)


Zeki olduundan üphem yok. (I have no doubt you are clever. (direct: I have no doubt from the fact that you are clever.))


You can also express having doubt here by using dative case. Meaning doesn´t change.


Zeki olduuna üphem yok. (I have no doubt you are clever. (direct: I have no doubt to the fact that you are clever.))


demek (to say)

hiçbir ey/bir ey (nothing, anything)

anlamak (to understand)

yava (slow)

konumak (to talk, to speak)


de+dik+n+den------------------------->dediinden (from the fact that you say/said)

anla+ma+yor+im----------------------->anlam覺yorum (i don´t understand)

daha yava (slower)

konu+----------->konu (speak, talk)


Dediinden bir ey anlam覺yorum; daha yava konu. (I understand nothing from what you are saying, speak slower.)


göstermek (to show)

-den sonra (after the ...)

sana (to you)

inanmak (to believe, to trust)

imkâns覺z (impossible)


göster+dik+ler+n+den sonra---------------->gösterdiklerinden sonra (after what(plural) you showed)

inan+ma+mak----------------------------->inanmamak (not to believe)


Gösterdiklerinden sonra sana inanmamak imkâns覺z. (It is impossible not to believe in you after what you showed.)


Thus let´s remember some patterns which are done by using ablative case.


-den beri/-den bu yana (since)


You need to pronunce "beri" as "beeri", namely, you need to lengthen the letter "e" if you are using the word "beri" to express time. Otherwise, "beri" also means "the nearer side according to the further side".


telefon (the telephone)

dün (yesterday)

kay覺p (lost)


telefon+m-------------------------->telefonum (my phone)

dün+den beri----------------------->dünden beri (since yesterday)


Telefonum dünden beri kay覺p. (My phone is lost since yesterday.)


sabah (the morning)

ayn覺 (same)

ey (thing)

uramak (1to be busy with something, 2to try to do something, 3to bother, 4to struggle)


sabah+dan beri-------------------->sabahtan beri (since the morning)

ayn覺 ey+ler+ile(with)--------------->ayn覺 eylerle (with the same things)

ura+yor+iz---------------------->ura覺yoruz (we are struggling)


Sabahtan beri ayn覺 eylerle ura覺yoruz. (We have been being busy with the same things since the morning.)


huy (the habit, the temper)

çocuk (the child)

çocukluk (the childhood)

deimek (to change, to alter (intransitive))


huy+u(poss.)-------------------------->huyu (his habit)

çocukluk+u+dan beri------------------->çocukluundan beri (since his childhood)

dei+me+di--------------------------->deimedi (it didn´t change)


Bu huyu çocukluundan beri deimedi. (His this habit hasn´t changed since his childhood.)


ev (the house, the home)

gelmek (to come)

uyumak (to sleep)

yeni (1new, 2just yet)

uyanmak (to wake, to wake up)


ev+e(dative)------------------------>eve (to home)

gel+dik+i+den beri------------------->geldiinden beri (since he came)

uyu+yor idi--->uyu+yor+d覺----------->uyuyordu (he was sleeping)

uyan+d覺----------------------------->uyand覺 (he woke)


Eve geldiinden beri uyuyordu, yeni uyand覺. (He had been sleeping since he had came come, he has just woken.)


i (1the work, 2the business, 3the job, 4something to do)

balamak (1to start, 2to begin)

cumartesi (Saturday)

pazar (Sunday)

hariç, d覺覺nda (except) (pronunc: haariç)

bo zaman (the leisure, the spare time, the free time (direct: the empty time))

olmak (1to be, 2.....14....)


i+e(dative)-------------------------->ie (to the work)

bala+d覺k+m+dan beri---------------->balad覺覺mdan beri (since I started)

cumartesi pazar hariç/d覺覺nda (except Saturday-Sunday)

bo zaman+m------------------------->bo zaman覺m (my free time)



bo zaman覺m olmuyor (i´m not having free time)


襤e balad覺覺mdan beri cumartesi-pazar hariç bo zaman覺m olmuyor. (I haven´t been having free time except Saturday-Sunday since I had started job.)


hoca, öretmen (the teacher)

aç覺klama (the explanation)

yapmak (to do)

ok (the shock)


aç覺klama+覺(accusative)------------------>aç覺klamay覺 (the explanation)

yap+d覺k+覺+dan beri--------------------->yapt覺覺ndan beri (since he did)

ok+da+覺z------------------------------>oktay覺z (we are in shock)


Hoca o aç覺klamay覺 yapt覺覺ndan beri oktay覺z. (We are in a shock since the teacher did that explanation.)


içeri, içerisi (the inside, the interior)

kavga (the fight, the brawl)

ç覺kmak (1to go out, 2to go higher, to ascend, 3to occur, to start to happen, 4...5...10...12...)

sessiz (silent)


ç覺k+d覺k+覺+dan beri----------------->ç覺kt覺覺ndan beri

kavga ç覺kt覺覺ndan beri (since the brawl occured)


襤çerisi kavga ç覺kt覺覺ndan beri çok sessiz. (The inside is too silent since the brawl occured)


-den (dolay覺) (because ... )


The meaning doesn´t change even if you don´t use "dolay覺". I am going to give the examples here without "dolay覺".


bugün (today)

yamur (the rain)

yamak (to fall from the sky (meteorological))

düünmek (to think)

yan (beside)

emsiye (the umbrella)

almak (to take)


yamur ya+ma+z-------------------->yamur yamaz (it doesn´t rain)

düün+dik+m+den--------------------->düündüümden (because I thought)

yamur yamaz diye düündüm (i thought "it wouldn´t rain")

yan+覺+a------------------------------>yan覺na (to his beside)

yan覺na almak (to take along (direct: to take to one´s beside))

yan+m+a----------------------------->yan覺ma (to my beside)

al+ma+d覺+m-------------------------->almad覺m (i didn´t take)


Yamur yamaz diye düündüümden yan覺ma emsiye almad覺m. (I didn´t take an umbrella along because I thought "it wouldn´t rain".)


bardak (the glass (which is drinkware, glassware))

extra knowledge: "cam" means the glass which is a substance. for example: cam bardak (the glass glass) :D

k覺r覺lmak (to break (intransitive))

yeni (new)

almak (1to take, 2to buy, 3to receive, 4..5...6.)


k覺r覺l+d覺k+覺+dan------------------------>k覺r覺ld覺覺ndan (because it broke)

yeni+i(poss)+i(accusative)------------>yenisini (the new one (accusative))

al+acak+覺m--------------------------->alaca覺m (i will take)


Bu bardak k覺r覺ld覺覺ndan yenisini alaca覺m. (I will buy a new one because this glass broke.)


konumak (1to speak, 2to talk)

arkada (the friend)

telaffuz (the pronunciation)

kötü (bad)

ama, fakat (but)

okumak (to read)

anlamak (to understand)


konu+duk+m------------------------>konutuum (that/what/which I speak/talk)

bir Türk arkada (a Turkish friend)

arkada+m--------------------------->arkada覺m (my friend)

ol+ma+d覺k+覺(poss.)+dan-------------->olmad覺覺ndan (because it didn´t/doesn´t be/isn´t)

bir Türk arkada覺m olmad覺覺ndan (because I haven´t a Turkish friend)

telaffuz+m--------------------------->telaffuzum (my pronunciation)

telaffuzum kötü (my pronunciation is bad)

oku+duk+m+u(accusative)------------>okuduumu (that/what I read (accusative))

anla+r+覺m---------------------------->anlar覺m (i understand)


Konutuum bir Türk arkada覺m olmad覺覺ndan telaffuzum kötü ama okuduumu anlar覺m. (Because I haven´t any Turkish friend that I talk to, my pronunciation is bad, but I understand what I read.)


gece (the night)

az (1little, 2few)

uyumak (to sleep) 

kahvalt覺 (the breakfast)

yapmak (to do, to make)

kahvalt覺 yapmak (to have breakfast)

u an, imdi (now, at the moment)

hâl (1the position, 2the condition)


uyu+mu+di+m-------------------->uyumutum (i had slept)

kahvalt覺 da (also breakfast, breakfast too)

yap+ma+d覺k+m+dan--------------->yapmad覺覺mdan (because 

hâl+siz---------------------------->hâlsiz (exhausted, weary, tired out)

hâl+siz+im------------------------->hâlsizim (i´m exhausted)


Gece çok az uyumutum; kahvalt覺 da yapmad覺覺mdan u an çok hâlsizim. (I had slept too little at night, I´m so exhausted at the moment because I also haven´t had breakfast.)


yal覺 (old (as antonym of "young"))

çift (1double, 2the couple, 3..4..5.)

oul (the son (of a parent))

yurt d覺覺 (abroad)

gitmek (to go)

yaln覺z (alone, lone, lonely)

kalmak (1to stay, 2to remain, 3..4..5)

yaln覺z kalmak (to stand alone)


oul+lar覺(poss.)---------------------->oullar覺 (their son)

yurt d覺+覺(poss.)+a(dative)----------->yurt d覺覺na (to the abroad)

git+dik+n+den----------------------->gittiinden (because he had gone/went/goes)

kal+d覺------------------------------->kald覺 (it stayed)


Yal覺 çift, oullar覺 yurt d覺覺na gittiinden yaln覺z kald覺. (The old couple stood alone because their son went abroad.)

why not "kald覺lar" ? because "çift" already expresses plurality.


We have an alternative way for the pattern of "-den (dolay覺)" but i will write it later.

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