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ile - 3

okul (the school)

otobüs (the bus)


okul+a(dative)------------------------>okula (to the school)

otobüs+le---------------------------->otobüsle (by bus)

git+yor+iz---------------------------->gidiyoruz (we are going)


Okula otobüsle gidiyoruz. (We are going to the school by bus.)


telefon (the telephone)

konumak (1to talk, 2to speak)


telefon+ile-------------------------->telefonla (with telephone)

konu+yor-------------------------->konuuyor (he is talking)


Telefonla konuuyor, megul. (He is talking on the phone, he is busy. (direct: He is talking by phone))


rapor (the report)

tükenmez kalem (the ballpoint pen)

yazmak (to write)


rapor+覺(accusative)---------------->raporu (the report)

tükenmez kalem+ile---------------->tükenmez kalemle (with the ballpoint pen)

yaz+acak+s覺n覺z-------------------->yazacaks覺n覺z (you will write)


Raporu tükenmez kalemle yazacaks覺n覺z. (You will write the report by the ballpoint pen.)


insan (the human)

eskiden (formerly, in the past)

duman (the smoke)

haberlemek (to correspond, to communicate)

ama (but)

bin (thousand)

y覺l, sene (the year)

önce (before, ago)

mesela, örnein (for example)


insan+lar-------------------------->insanlar (people)

duman+la------------------------->dumanla (with the smoke)

haberle+yor+du------------------->haberleiyordu (he was communicating)


why not "haberleiyorlard覺 (they were communicating)" ? because "people" already expressess the plurality. therefore it´s enough t o use conjugate the verb for singular one.


襤nsanlar eskiden dumanla haberleiyordu, ama çok eskiden, bin y覺l önce mesela. (People used to communicate formerly via the smoke, but too formerly, for example a thousand year ago.)


biri, birisi (1anyone, someone, 2one of them)

duvar (the wall)

k覺rm覺z覺 (red)

harf (the letter)

襤branice (Hebrew language)

bir ey (something)

yazmak (to write)


duvar+a(dative)-------------------->duvara (to the wall)

harf+ler+le------------------------->harflerle (with the letters)

bir ey+ler------------------------->bir eyler (plural of "something")

yaz+m覺---------------------------->yazm覺 (he has written)


Biri duvara k覺rm覺z覺 harflerle 襤branice bir eyler yazm覺. (Someone has written something in Hebrew by red letters onto the wall.)


borç (1the debt, 2the loan, 3the arrear) 

kredi (the credit)

kart (the card)

ödemek (to pay)


borç+m--------------------------->borcum (my debt)

borç+m+u(accusative)------------->borcumu (my debt)

kredi kart+覺------------------------>kredi kart覺 (the credit cart)

kredi kart+覺+ile-------------------->kredi kart覺yla (by the credit cart)

öde+me+ecek+im------------------>ödemeyeceim (i won´t pay)


Borcumu kredi kart覺yla ödemeyeceim. (I won´t pay my debt by the credit card.)


tüm, bütün (whole, all)

yüz (a hundred)

lira (Turkish monetary unit)

halletmek (1to figure out, 2to surmount, 3to polish off, 4to work out)

imkâns覺z (impossible)


bu+lar------------------------>bunlar (these)

tüm bunlar (all these)

tüm bunlar+覺(acc.)------------>tüm bunlar覺 (all these)

yüz lira (hundred liras)

yüz lira+ile-------------------->yüz lirayla (with hundred liras)


Tüm bunlar覺 yüz lirayla halletmek imkâns覺z. (It´s impossible to work out all these by hundred liras.)

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