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-ecek - 2.1

If you remember, we were adding the possessive suffixes to the suffix "-dik". I had told this during a few lessons. We also can do the same thing for "-ecek".


  -ecek m -eceim the fact that I will ...
  -ecek n -ecein the fact that you will ..
  -ecek i -ecei the fact that he will ...
  -ecek miz -eceimiz the fact that we will ...
  -ecek niz -eceiniz the fact that you will ...
  -ecek leri -ecekleri the fact that they will ...


yar覺ma (the contest, the competition)

kat覺lmak (1to join, to participate, 2to be in the same idea with someone)

henüz, daha (yet)

kesin (certain, absolute)


yar覺ma+a(dative)------------------------>yar覺maya (to the contest)

kat覺l+acak+覺m---------------------------->kat覺laca覺m (i will join)

I don´t know whether you remember or don´t remember but "-im" and "-m" are different suffixes. "-im" is personal suffix, "-m" is possessive suffix.

Yar覺maya kat覺laca覺m. (I will participate in the contest./I will join the contest. (direct: .... to the contest))


kat覺l+acak+m---------------------------->kat覺laca覺m (the fact that i will join)

henüz kesin deil (it´s not certain yet)


Yar覺maya kat覺laca覺m henüz kesin deil. (It´s not certain yet that I will participate in the contest.)


ders (the lesson)

çal覺mak (1to work, 2to study (lesson yourself), 3...)

söylemek (to tell,to say)

emin (1sure, 2safe)


çal覺+acak+n+覺(accusative)-------------->çal覺aca覺n覺 ((acc.) the fact that you will study)

söyle+yor+sin--------------------------->söylüyorsun (you are saying)

çal覺+ma+acak+s覺n---------------------->çal覺mayacaks覺n (you won´t study)

çal覺+ma+acak+n------------------------>çal覺mayaca覺n (the fact that you won´t study)

emin+im--------------------------------->eminim (i´m sure)

çal覺+ma+acak+n+dan(abl.)------------->çal覺mayaca覺ndan (from the fact that you won´t study)

çal覺+ma+acak+n+a (dat.)-------------->çal覺mayaca覺na (to the fact that you won´t study)


Ders çal覺aca覺n覺 söylüyorsun ama çal覺mayaca覺ndan eminim. (You are saying you will study lesson but I´m sure you won´t study.)


alternative ways for the same meaning:

=Ders çal覺aca覺n覺 söylüyorsun ama çal覺mayaca覺na eminim. ((to use dative case instead of ablative))

=Ders çal覺aca覺n覺 söylüyorsun ama çal覺mayacaks覺n, eminim. (You are saying you will study lesson but you won´t study, I´m sure.)

=Ders çal覺aca覺n覺 söylüyorsun ama eminim çal覺mayacaks覺n. (You are saying you will study lesson but, I´m sure, you won´t study.)


izin vermek (to allow, to let (direct. to give permission))

bilmek (to know)

ayn覺 (same)

soru (the question)

sürekli (continuously)

niye, neden (why)

sormak (to ask)


ver+me+ecek+m+i(acc.)--------------->vermeyeceimi ((acc.) the fact that I won´t give))

bil+yor+lar ise------------------------->biliyorlarsa (if they know (direct: if they are knowing))

ayn覺 soru (the same question)

ayn覺 sorular (the same questions)

ayn覺 sorular覺 (the same questions (accusative))

sor+yor+lar--------------------------->soruyorlar (they are asking)


襤zin vermeyeceimi biliyorlarsa ayn覺 sorular覺 sürekli neden soruyorlar? (Why are they asking the same questions continuously if they know I won´t let?)



madem, mademki (inasmuch as)

öyleyse, o zaman (then, if so)


Madem izin vermeyeceimi biliyorlar, öyleyse ayn覺 sorular覺 sürekli neden soruyorlar? (Inasmuch as they know I won´t give, if so why are they asking the same questions continuously?)


imdi (now)

uyumak (to sleep)

maç (the match)

balamak (1to start, 2to begin)

haber vermek (to inform)


uyu+acak+覺m------------------------>uyuyaca覺m (i will sleep)

bala+acak+覺+da(loc.)--------------->balayaca覺nda (when it is going to start)

bana (to me)

haber ver+ ------------------------->haber ver (inform)


imdi uyuyaca覺m. Bana maç balayaca覺nda haber ver. (I´m going to sleep now. Inform me when the match is going to start.)


yar覺 (the race)

kim (who)

kazanmak (1to win, 2to earn, 3..4..5.)

bilmek (to know)


yar覺+覺(accusative)------------------>yar覺覺 (the race)

kim+in(genitive) kazan+acak+覺(poss.)-->kimin kazanaca覺 (the fact that who will win)

kim+in(genitive) kazan+acak+覺(poss.)+覺(accusative---------------------->kimin kazanaca覺n覺 (the fact that who will win)

bil+me+yor+im---------------------->bilmiyorum (i don´t know)


Yar覺覺 kimin kazanaca覺n覺 bilmiyorum. (I don´t know who will win the race.)



=Yar覺覺 kim kazanacak, bilmiyorum. (Who will win the race, I don´t know)


karde (the sibling (mutual name for both of brother and sister))

s覺nav (the exam)

kazanmak (1to win, 2to earn, 3to pass (for exam))

inanmak (to believe)


s覺nav+覺(acc.) kazan+acak----------->s覺nav覺 kazanacak (he will win the exam.)

karde+m-------------------------->kardeim (my sibling (let´s suppose as "brother" in this example.) - my brother)

kardeim+in s覺nav覺 kazanacak+覺----->kardeimin s覺nav覺 kazanaca覺 (the fact that my brother will win the exam) (did you remember the definite possessive determiners?)

kardeim+in s覺nav覺 kazanacak+覺+a(dative)--->kardeimin s覺nav覺 kazanaca覺na (to the fact that my brother win the exam)

inan+ma+yor+im------------------->inanm覺yorum (i don´t believe (direct: i´m not believing))


Kardeimin s覺nav覺 kazanaca覺na inanm覺yorum. (I don´t believe my brother will pass the exam.)


özür dilemek (to apologize)

emin (1sure, 2....)


özür dile+ecek+n+e(dative)-------->özür dileyeceine (to the fact that you will apologize)

emin+idi+m----------------------->emindim (i was sure)


Özür dileyeceine emindim. (I was sure you would apologize.)

=Özür dileyeceinden emindim.


a覺r (1heavy, 2difficult, 3slow)

ödev (the homework)

vermek (to give)

arat覺rmak (1to research, 2to search)

kaynak (1the source, 2the resource, 3...4...)

bulmak (to find)

düünmek (to think)


sana (to you)

çok a覺r bir ödev (a too difficult homework)

ver+mi+im----------------------->vermiim (i have given (if you haven´t understood, repeat the suffix "-mi" on the previous lessons.))

arat覺rmak için ((so as) to search)

arat覺rmak için çok kaynak (many sources to search)

bul+ama+abil+ecek+n+i----------->bulamayabileceini ((acc.) the fact that perhaps/probably you won´t be able to find)

düün+eme+mi+im--------------->düünememiim (i couldn´t think (again "-mi"))


Sana çok a覺r bir ödev vermiim. Arat覺rmak için çok kaynak bulamayabileceini düünememiim. (I have given a too difficult homework. I couldn´t have thought probably you won´t be able to find many sources to search.)


rapor (the report)

sizin (your)

perembe (Thursday)

yetitirmek (1to grow (transitive), 2to succeed to finish/complete something in a limited time, 3..4....5..)

karar vermek (to decide (direct: to give decision))

son (last)

teslim (1the submission, 2..3..4..)

tarih (1history, 2date)

sal覺 (Tuesday)

ertelemek (to delay, to put off)


son teslim tarih+i(poss.)----------->son teslim tarihi (the deadline (direct: the date of last submission))


örenci+ler+e-------------------->örencilere (to the students)

rapor+u(accusative)-------------->raporu (the report)

perembe+e(dative)-------------->perembeye (to Thursday)

yetitir+eme+ecek+niz+e--------->yetitiremeyeceinize (to the fact that you won´t be able to finish)

karar ver+di+m------------------->karar verdim (i decided)

son teslim tarih+i+i--------------->son teslim tarihini (the deadline (accusative))

sal覺+a(dative)-------------------->sal覺ya (to Tuesday)

ertele+di+m---------------------->erteledim (i delayed, i put off)


Öretmen örencilere "Raporu sizin perembeye yetitiremeyeceinize karar verdim ve son teslim tarihini sal覺ya erteledim" dedi. (The teacher said "I decided that you won´t be able to complete the report until Thursday and I delayed the deadline until Tuesday" to the students)

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