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Verbal noun: 1.3 and expressing obligation -3

Noun is always noun even if it is proper noun, common noun, verbal noun or something else. :)) Therefore we also can conjugate the verbal nouns by the possessive suffixes.




  -me m -mem my ...ing
  -me n -men your ...ing
  -me i -mesi his ...ing
  -me miz -memiz our ...ing
  -me niz -meniz your ...ing
  -me leri -meleri their ...ing


özür dilemek (to apologize)

hiçbir ey (nothing)

deitirmek (to change (transitive))


özür dile+me(noun)+n---------------->özür dilemen (direct: your apologizing)

hiçbir ey+i(accusative)-------------->hiçbir eyi (nothing)

deitir+me+ecek-------------------->deitirmeyecek (it won´t change)


Özür dilemen hiçbir eyi deitirmeyecek. (It will change nothing that you apologize. (direct: Your apologizing won´t change anything.))


böyle (like this)

düünmek (to think)

yanl覺 (false)


düün+me(noun)+n------------------>düünmen (direct: your thinking)


Böyle düünmen çok yanl覺. (It´s too false that you think like this. (direct: your such thinking is too false)


araba (the car)

yamurlu (rainy)

hava (1the weather, 2...3...)

h覺zl覺 (fast)

sürmek (1to drive, 2to continue)

bazen (sometimes)

tehlikeli (dangerous)

olmak (to be, to become,.....)


araba+覺(accusative)---------------->arabay覺 (the car)

hava+lar+da----------------------->havalarda (direct: in the weathers)

sür+me(noun)+n------------------->sürmen (direct: your driving)

ol+abil+r--------------------------->olabilir (it may/can be)


Arabay覺 yamurlu havalarda h覺zl覺 sürmen bazen çok tehlikeli olabilir. (It sometimes may be too dangerous that you drive the car fast in the rainy days. (direct: your driving the car fast in the rainy weathers sometimes may be too dangerous))


tarafs覺z (objective)

olmak (to be...)

yarar salamak (to give advantage (direct: to provide a benefit))


ol+ma(noun)+n-------------------->olman (direct:your being)

sana (to you)

sala+r---------------------------->salar (it provides)


Tarafs覺z olman sana büyük yarar salar. (It gives you a big advantage that you are objective (direct: Your being objective provides big benefit to you))


arkada (the friend)

doum (the birth)

gün (the day)

parti (the party)

yapmak (1to do, 2to make, 3to organize,4..5..6.)

sevindirmek (to make happy)


doum gün+i(poss.)-------------->doum günü (the birthday)

doum günü parti+i(poss.)-------->doum günü partisi (the birthday party)

arkadalar (the friends)

arkadalar覺m (my friends)

arkadalar覺m覺n (of my friends)

doum günü partisi yap+ma(noun)+覺(poss.)-->doum günü partisi yapmas覺 (the fact that he makes a birthday party)

arkadalar覺m覺n doum günü partisi yapmas覺 (the fact that my friends makes a birthday party)

bana (to me)

arkadalar覺m覺n bana doum günü partisi yapmas覺 (the fact that my friends makes a birthday party to me) 

ben+i(accusative)----------------->beni (me)

sevindir+di------------------------>sevindirdi (it made happy)


Arkadalar覺m覺n bana doum günü partisi yapmas覺 beni çok sevindirdi. (It made me very happy that my friends organized a birthday party for me.)


Türkçe (Turkish language)

hoca (1the teacher (synonym: öretmen), 2the coach (in sports), 3the imam)

hastalanmak (to get ill)

s覺nav (the exam)

iptal olmak (to be cancelled)

engellemek (1to prevent, 2to hinder, 3to restrain, 4to impede, 5..6..)


Türkçe hocam覺z (our Turkish teacher)

Türkçe hocam覺z覺n (of our Turkish teacher)

hastalan+ma(noun)+覺(poss.)------------>hastalanmas覺 (the fact that he gets/got ill)

Türkçe hocam覺z覺n hastalanmas覺 (the fact that our Turkish teacher gets/got ill)

s覺nav+覺n(genitive)------------->s覺nav覺n (of the exam)

ol+ma(noun)+覺(poss.)+覺(acc.)-->olmas覺n覺 ((acc.) the fact that it is)

s覺nav覺n iptal olmas覺n覺 ((acc.) the fact that the exam is cancelled)

engelle+me+di----------------->engellemedi (it didn´t prevent)


Türkçe hocam覺z覺n hastalanmas覺 s覺nav覺n iptal olmas覺n覺 engellemedi. (It didn´t prevent the exam is cancelled that our Turkish teacher had got ill.)


anlamak (to understand)

dil (1the language, 2the tongue)

konumak (1to talk, 2to speak)

yetmek (to be sufficient, to suffice, to be enough)


sen+i(accusative)----------------->seni (you)

anla+ma(noun)+lar覺 için------------>anlamalar覺 için (so that they understand you)

onlar覺n (their)

onlar覺n dil+i(poss.)+de------------->onlar覺n dilinde (in their language)

konu+ma(noun)+n--------------->konuman (the fact that you speak)

yet+me+z------------------------>yetmez (it doesn´t suffice)


Seni anlamalar覺 için onlar覺n dilinde konuman yetmez. (It´s not enough that you speak in their language so that they understand you. (direct: your speaking in their language doesn´t suffice so that they understand you))


hâlâ (still)

savunmak (to defend)

çal覺mak (1to work, 2to study, 3to try to, 4....7...)

oldukça (quite)

sinir bozmak (to irritiate)

sinir bozucu (irritating)


onlar+覺(accusative)--------------->onlar覺 (them)

savun+ma(noun)+a(dative)------->savunmaya çal覺mak (to try to defend)

onlar覺 savunmaya çal覺mak (to try to defend them)

onlar覺 savunmaya çal覺+ma(noun)+n->onlar覺 savunmaya çal覺man (the fact that you try to defend them)


Hâlâ onlar覺 savunmaya çal覺man oldukça sinir bozucu. (It´s quite irritating that you still try to defend them. (direct: your still trying to defend them is quite irritating))


acilen (urgently) (pronunciation: aacilen)

su (water)

içmek (to drink)

gerek (1the need, the necessity, 2necessary, needed)

gerek, laz覺m (needed, necessary)


iç+me(noun)+m--------------------->içmem (direct: my drinking)


Acilen su içmem gerek. (I need to drink water urgently.)


Here is no difference between "gerek" and "laz覺m". "gerek" is Turkish, "laz覺m" is Arabic origined.


inand覺r覺c覺 (convincing)

olmak (to be,...)

için (for)

asla (never)

gülmek (to laugh)

gerek, laz覺m (needed, necessary)


ol+abil+me(noun)+miz için--------->olabilmemiz için (so that we can be)

gül+me(negative)+me(noun)+miz--->gülmememiz (direct: our not laughing)


襤nand覺r覺c覺 olabilmemiz için asla gülmememiz gerek. (We need to never laugh so that we can be convincing.)


doktor (the doctor)

olmak (to be, to become,...)

ne (what)

okumak (1to read, 2to study (at a school), to take education at a formal school)




Doktor olmak için ne okumam laz覺m? (What do I need to study so as to become a doctor?)




I need to explain this pattern of "need" especially.


gerekmek (to be necessary, to be needed, to be required)

gerek+yor------------------------>gerekiyor (it´s being necessary) (present continuous)

gerek+r-------------------------->gerekir (it is needed) (present simple)

gerek+me+yor-------------------->gerekmiyor (it´s not being necessary) (present continuous)

gerek+me+z---------------------->gerekmez (it isn´t needed) (present simple)


Don´t think these are speacial conjugations. These are the conjugations I had already explained in previous lessons. We are conjugating a verb called "gerekmek" like we had conjugated "gelmek", "gitmek", "anlamak" etc.




komam gerek (i need to run (direct: my running is needed.))

=komam gerekiyor (i need to run (direct: my running is being needed))

=komam gerekir (i need to run (direct: my running is needed))


komam gerekmez (i don´t need to run (direct: my running isn´t needed))

komam gerekmiyor (i don´t need to run (direct: my running isn´t being needed))




komamam gerek (i mustn´t run (direct: my not running is necessary))

=komamam gerekiyor

=komamam gerekir


I will explain these in the next lesson more detailedly.

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