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Verbal noun: 1.4

I have already conjugated "-me,-ma" by the possessive suffixes on a table. It was becoming for example "our ...ing", "her ...ing" etc. 


If you bring "için (for)" to this possessive suffix, it becomes "for our ..ing", "for their ...ing" etc. via direct translation.


ilaç (the drug, the medicine)

içmek (to drink)

önce (1before, 2ago, 3firstly)

yemek (1the meal, 2to eat, 3...4...)


iç+me(noun)+m için------------------->içmem için (so that I drink)

ye+me(noun)+m---------------------->yemem (direct: my eating)


襤laç içmem için önce yemek yemem laz覺m. (I have to eat firstly so that I receive medicine. (direct: I have to eat meal firstly so that I drink medicine))


Let´s rememeber "laz覺m" and "gerek" are the same. The only difference is the fact that "laz覺m" is Arabic origined and "gerek" is Turkish. (pronunciation: laaz覺m)


anlamak (to understand)

salak, aptal (stupid, fool)

olmak (to be)


bu+覺(accusative)------------------------->bunu (this)

anla+ma(negative)+ma(noun)+lar覺 için------>anlamamalar覺 için (so that they don´t understand)

ol+ma(noun)+lar覺-------------------------->olmalar覺 (direct: their being)


Bunu anlamamalar覺 için aptal olmalar覺 laz覺m. (They must be fool so that they don´t understand this.)


mutlu (happy)

olmak (to be)

her ey (everything)

yapmak (to do)


senin (your)

ol+ma(noun)+n------------------------>olman (your being)

mutlu olman (your being happy)

her ey+i(accusative)------------------>her eyi (everything)

yap+abil+r+iz-------------------------->yapabiliriz (we can do)


Senin mutlu olman için her eyi yapabiliriz. (We can do everything so that you are happy)


kaza (1the accident, 2the misfortune)

olmak (1to be, 2to become, 3to happen, 4to occur, 5..6...)

her (every)

tür (kind, sort)

önlem (the precaution)

almak (1to take, 2..3..4..)



kaza olmamas覺 için (so that no accident happens)

her tür+li----------------->her türlü (every kind of (direct: the one that has every kind))

önlem+i(accusative)------>önlemi (the precaution)

al+acak+覺z--------------->alaca覺z (we will take)


Kaza olmamas覺 için her türlü önlemi alaca覺z. (We will take every kind of precaution so that no accident happens.)


yar覺n (tomorrow)

yamur (the rain)

yamak (to fall from the sky)

dua etmek (to pray)



dua et+yor+iz------------------------------->dua ediyoruz (we are praying)


Yar覺n yamur yamamas覺 için dua ediyoruz. (We want pretty much that it won´t rain tomorrow. (direct: We are praying so that it doesn´t rain tomorrow.))


hesap (1the account, 2the calculation)

aktiflemek, etkinlemek (to become active)

e-posta, e-mail (the e-mail)

göndermek (to send)

balant覺 (the link)

t覺klamak (to click)


hesap+n覺z------------------------>hesab覺n覺z (your account)

hesap+n覺z+覺n--------------------->hesab覺n覺z覺n (of your account)

aktifle+me(noun)---------------->aktifleme (becoming active)

aktifle+me(noun)+i(poss.)-------->aktiflemesi (its activation)

hesab覺n覺z覺n aktiflemesi için (so that your account becomes active (direct: for the activation of your account))

e-posta+n覺z+a------------------->e-postan覺za (to your e-mail)

gönder+dik+miz------------------>gönderdiimiz (that/what/which we send/sent)

balant覺+a----------------------->balant覺ya (to the link)

gönderdiimiz balant覺 (the link we sent)

gönderdiimiz balant覺ya (to the link we sent)

e-postan覺za gönderdiimiz balant覺ya (to the link we sent to your e-mail)

t覺kla+ma(noun)+n覺z--------------->t覺klaman覺z (your clicking)

gerek+yor----------------------->gerekiyor (it´s being needed)


Hesab覺n覺z覺n aktiflemesi için e-postan覺za gönderdiimiz balant覺ya t覺klaman覺z gerekiyor. (You need to click on the link we sent to your e-mail so that your account is activated (direct: Your clicking onto the link we sent to your e-mail is needed so that your account becomes active.)


metin (1the text, 2..3...)

turist (the tourist)

anlamak (to understand)

deiik (1various (synonym: çeitli), 2different)

dil (1the tongue, 2the language)

çevirmek (1to turn (transitive), 2to translate, 3..4....)

olmak (1to be, 2...3...18...)


metin+i(accusative)------------->metni (the text (accusative)) (do you remember the falling of the vowel?)

turist+ler------------------------>turistler (the tourists)

turist+ler+in--------------------->turistlerin (of the tourists)

daha iyi (better)

anla+ma(noun)+覺(poss)----------->anlamas覺 (the fact that he understands)

turistlerin daha iyi anlamas覺 (direct: the better understanding of the tourists) (by the way, why not "turistlerin ... anlamalar覺?". because "-ler" of "turistler" is already plural suffix. therefore there is no need to an extra "-ler" again.)

turistlerin daha iyi anlamas覺 için (so that the tourists understand better)

deiik dil+ler--------------------->deiik diller (various languages)

deiik dil+ler+e------------------>deiik dillere (to various languages)

ol+acak+- ----------------------->olacak (it will be)


Metni, turistlerin daha iyi anlamas覺 için deiik dillere çevirmek çok iyi olacak. (It will be very good to translate the text into various languages so that the tourists understand better.)


Why did I put a comma after "metni"?

If I said "metni turistlerin daha iyi anlamas覺 için deiik dillere çevirmek çok iyi olacak", it would become "it will be very good to translate into various languages so that the tourists understand the text". In this situation, what will be translated so that the tourists understand the text? If we also write "metni" for second time, it will be odd to hear: Metni turistlerin daha iyi anlamas覺 için metni deiik dillere çevirmek çok iyi olacak. Both of those two "metni" are exactly the same.


Esperanto (Esperanto)

tüm, bütün (whole, all)

insan (the human)

ortak (1mutual, 2common)

dil (1the language)

olmak (1to be, 2to become, 3...)

sebep, neden (the reason, the cause)

襤spanyolca (Spanish language)

襤talyanca (Italian language)

örenmek (to learn)

daha iyi (better)


ortak dil (common language)

tüm insanlar (all the people)

tüm insanlar覺n (of all the people)

tüm insanlar覺n ortak dili (the common language of all the people)


ol+ma(noun)+覺-------------->olmas覺 (direct: its being)

Esperantonun olmas覺 (the fact that Esperanto is / becomes (direct: the being of Esperanto))

Esperantonun tüm insanlar覺n ortak dili olmas覺 (the fact that Esperanto is the common language o f all the people (direct: the being common language of all the people of Esperanto))

Esperantonun tüm insanlar覺n ortak dili olmas覺 için (so that Esperanto is/becomes the common language of all the people)

hiçbir sebep (none of reason)

hiçbir sebep yok (there is no reason)

ören+ecek+m+e------------>öreneceime (instead of the fact that I learn)

Esperanto öreneceime (instead of the fact that I learn Esperanto)

ören+r+im----------------->örenirim (I learn)


Esperantonun tüm insanlar覺n ortak dili olmas覺 için hiçbir sebep yok. Esperanto öreneceime 襤spanyolca ya da 襤talyanca örenirim, daha iyi. (There is no reason so that Esperanto becomes the common language of all the people. I learn Spanish or Italian instead of learning Esperanto, it´s better.)


kendi (oneself)

duymak (to hear)

alçak (1low, 2dishonourable)

ses (1the voice, 2the sound)

konumak (1to talk, 2to speak)


kendi+i(poss.)+i(accusative)----------->kendisini (his/her own (accusative))

duy+ama+ma(noun)+m覺z--------------->duyamamam覺z (the fact that we can´t hear)

alçak ses (low voice)

alçak sesle (by low voice)

konu+d覺------------------------------>konutu (he talked)


Kendisini duyamamam覺z için alçak sesle konutu. (He talked in low voice so that we can´t hear him)


aabey, abi (the older brother) (pronunciation: aabi)

dinlenmek (1to take a rest, 2to be listened (you will understand this when you learn the passive voice))

az (little, few)

dört (four)

be (five)

saat (1the watch, 2hour, 3the clock)

uyumak (to sleep)


aabey+m+in------------------------->aabeyimin (of my older brother)

dinlen+ebil+me(noun)+i(poss.)--------->dinlenebilmesi (the fact that he can take a rest)

aabeyimin dinlenebilmesi için (so that my brother can take a rest)

en az (least, minimum)

dört-be saat (four or five hours)

uyu+ma(noun)+覺(poss.)---------------->uyumas覺 (direct: his sleeping)


Aabeyimin dinlenebilmesi için en az dört-be saat uyumas覺 gerek. (My brother needs to sleep for minimum four or five hours so as to take a rest.)


bilgisayar (the computer)

h覺zl覺 (fast)

çal覺mak (1to work, 2to study, 3to try to)

format atmak, formatlamak (to format (computer))

yararl覺, faydal覺 (beneficial)

ha bire (continuously again and again)

yapmak (to do, to make)

zarar (the harm)

zarar vermek (1to harm, 2to damage, (direct: to give harm))


bilgisayar+覺n------------------------->bilgisayar覺n (of the computer)

daha h覺zl覺 (faster)

çal覺+abil+me(noun)+i(poss.)--------->çal覺abilmesi (the fac t that it can work)

bilgisayar覺n çal覺abilmesi (the fact that the computer can work)

bilgisayar覺n daha h覺zl覺 çal覺abilmesi (the fact that the computer can work faster)

bilgisayar覺n daha h覺zl覺 çal覺abilmesi için (so that the computer can work faster)

o+a(dative)------------------------->ona (to it)

format at+ma(noun)+n--------------->format atman (the fact that you format)

ol+r--------------------------------->olur (it is, / it becomes)

yararl覺 olur (it is beneficial (the present simple tense, direct: it does be))

bu+覺(accusative)-------------------->bunu (this)

yap+r ise+n------------------------->yaparsan (if you do)

ver+ebil+r--------------------------->verebilir (it can give)


Bilgisayar覺n daha h覺zl覺 çal覺abilmesi için ona format atman yararl覺 olur ama bunu ha bire yaparsan zarar verebilir. (It is beneficial if you format so that the computer can work faster but if you do this again and again continuously, it may damage.)

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