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-ip -1

It ties the suffixes that are in the same task to each other.


The time isn´t important at "-ip".


pazar (1Monday, 2the market place)

gitmek (to go)

gelmek (to come)


pazar+a(dative)------------------------>pazara (to the market place)

git+ecek+iz---------------------------->gideceiz (we will go)

gel+ecek+iz---------------------------->geleceiz (we will come)


amateur type: pazara gideceiz ve geleceiz


But we prefer to say:


gideceiz ve geleceiz ----------------->

professional: gidip geleceiz.


Pazara gidip geleceiz. (We will go to the market place and come.)


kitap (the book)

okumak (to read)

özet (the summary)

yazmak (to write)


kitap+覺(accusative)--------------------->kitab覺 (the book)

oku+ma(noun)+m----------------------->okumam (my reading)

özet+i(poss.)+i(accusative)------------->özetini (its summary)

yaz+ma(noun)+m----------------------->yazmam (my writing)


kitab覺 okumam ve özetini yazmam gerek

kitab覺 okumam ve özetini yazmam gerek



Kitab覺 okuyup özetini yazmam gerek. (I need to read the book and summarize it. (direct: I need to read the book and write its summary))



örenmek (to learn)

yapmak (to do)


ören+ecek+sin---------------------->öreneceksin (you will learn)

yap+acak+s覺n------------------------>yapacaks覺n (you will do)

ne yapacaks覺n? (what will you do?)


amateur type: Türkçe öreneceksin ve ne yapacaks覺n?

professional type:

Türkçe örenip ne yapacaks覺n? (You will learn Turkish and what will you do?)


gitar (the guitar)

çalmak (1to steal, 2to play (music), 3..4.5..6.)

ark覺 (the song)

söylemek (1to say, 2to sing (song))





Gitar çald覺k ve ark覺 söyledik. (We played guitar and sang songs.)

=Gitar çal覺p ark覺 söyledik.


yazmak (to write)

hikâye, öykü (the story)

okumak (to read)

deerlendirmek (1to evaluate, 2..3.4..5..)


hoca+m--------------------------->hocam (my teacher)

yaz+d覺k+m hikâye------------------>yazd覺覺m hikâye (the story I wrote/write/am writing)

yazd覺覺m hikâye+i(accusative)------>yazd覺覺m hikâyeyi (the story I wrote/write/am writing) (acc.)

oku+abil+r mi+siniz----------------->okuyabilir misiniz? (can you read?)

deerlendir+ebilr mi+siniz----------->deerlendirebilir misiniz? (can you evaluate?)


amteur type: Hocam, yazd覺覺m hikâyeyi okuyabilir misiniz ve deerlendirebilir misiniz?


professional type:

Hocam, yazd覺覺m hikâyeyi okuyup deerlendirebilir misiniz? (Teacher, can you read and evaluate the story I wrote?)


kopyalamak (to copy)

yap覺t覺rmak (to paste)


kopya+la+yor+覺m----------------->kopyal覺yorum (i´m copying)

yap覺+t覺r+yor+覺m----------------->yap覺t覺r覺yorum (i´m pasting)


amateur type: kopyal覺yorum ve yap覺t覺ryorum


professional type:

Kopyalay覺p yap覺t覺r覺yorum. (I´m copying and pasting.)





durmak (1not to act, 2to stop, 3to wait)





"-ip durmak" means "to do something continuously/again and again"


konumak (1to talk, 2to speak)

ba (1the head, 2the beginning, 3the essential, 4the leader, 5top)

-den beri (since, for)

ayn覺 (same)

ey (the thing)

söylemek (to say)


konu+ma(noun)+覺(poss)---------------------->konumas覺 (his talking/his lecture)

konu+ma(noun)+覺(poss)+覺n(genitive)---------->konumas覺n覺n (of his lecture)

konumas覺+覺n ba+覺--------------------------->konumas覺n覺n ba覺 (the beginning of his lecture)

konumas覺n覺n ba覺+dan beri-------------------->konumas覺n覺n ba覺ndan beri (since the beginning of his lecture)

ayn覺 ey (the same thing)

ayn覺 eyler (the same things)

ayn覺 eyleri (the same things (accusative))

söyle+ip dur+d覺------------------------------>söyleyip durd覺u (he said continuously)


Konumas覺n覺n ba覺ndan beri ayn覺 eyleri söyleyip durdu. (He said the same things again and again since the beginning of his lecture.)


esnemek (to yawn)

uyku (the sleep)

uykusu gelmek (to feel sleepy (direct: to come sb´s sleep))


esne+ip dur+yor+s覺n------------------------>esneyip duruyorsun (you have been yawning continuously)

benim de (also mine, mine too)

uyku+m----------------------------->uykum (my sleep)

uyku+m gel+di----------------------->uykum geldi (direct: my sleep came)


Esneyip duruyorsun, benim de uykum geldi. (You have been yawning continuously, I fell sleepy, too.)


hasta (1ill, sick, 2the patient)

olmak (to be)

ev (the house)

ç覺kmak (1to ascend, 2to go out, 3...5....7....8...)

tüm, bütün (whole, all)

gün (the day)

televizyon (the television)

izlemek (1to watch, 2to follow)

s覺k覺lmak (to get bored, to be bored)



ev+den------------------------------->evden (from the house)

ç覺k+ama+d覺+m------------------------>ç覺kamad覺m (i couldn´t go out)

izle+ip dur+d覺+m----------------------->izleyip durdum (i watched continuously)

s覺k覺l+d覺+m----------------------------->s覺k覺ld覺m (i am bored, i got bored)


Hasta olduumdan evden ç覺kamad覺m. Tüm gün televizyon izleyip durdum. S覺k覺ld覺m. (I couldn´t go out the house because I was ill. I watched television continuously whole day. I am bored.)


ne (what)

yapmak (to do)

belli (certain, determined)

bo bo konumak (to talk nonsense, to prate, to talk about unnecessary things stupidly)

rahats覺z etmek (1to disturb, 2to offend)



ne yapaca覺 (what he will do)

bo bo konu+acak ve bizi rahats覺z et+ecek---------->bo bo konuacak ve bizi rahats覺z edecek = bo bo konuup bizi rahats覺z edecek


rahats覺z et+ip dur+acak--------------->rahats覺z edip duracak (he will disturb continuously)


Ne yapaca覺 belli. Bo bo konuup bizi rahats覺z edip duracak. (It´s certain what he will do. He will prate and disturb us continuously.)


her zaman (everytime)

hat覺rlatmak (to remind)

unutmak (to forget)

çal覺mak (.......3to try to)


hat覺rlat+覺p durmak-------------------->hat覺rlat覺p durmak (to remind again and again/continuously)

hat覺rlat覺p durmak zorunda m覺+覺m------->hat覺rlat覺p durmak zorunda m覺y覺m?

unut+ma+ma+a çal覺----------------->unutmamaya çal覺 (try not to forget)


Her zaman hat覺rlat覺p durmak zorunda m覺y覺m? Unutmamaya çal覺. (Do I have to remind again and again everytime? Try not to forget.)


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