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-dik 5, -ecek -2.2 ,-1

Locative case is used so as to give the meaning of "when". This is the same both of "-dik" and "-ecek".


ev (the house, home)

varmak (to arrive)

telefon etmek (to give a ring)


ev+e (dative)--------------------->eve (to the house, to home)

var+d覺k+m+da--------------------->vard覺覺mda (when I arrive/arrived)

sana (to you)

telefon et+ecek+im---------------->telefon edeceim (i´ll give a ring)


Eve vard覺覺mda sana telefon edeceim. (I´ll give you a ring when I arrive home.)


televizyon (the television)

açmak (1to open,)

maç (the match)

çoktan (already (already a long time ago))

bitmek (to finish (intransitive), to end)


aç+d覺k+m+da-------------------->açt覺覺mda (when I opened/open)

bit+mi+idi----------------------->bitmiti (it had finished)


Televizyonu açt覺覺mda maç çoktan bitmiti. (The match had already finished when I opened the television.)


yanl覺 (1false, 2wrong, 3incorrect, 4the mistake)

cevap, yan覺t (the answer)

cevap vermek / yan覺t vermek (to answer (direct: to give answer))

be (five)

puan (the point (numerical scale of success))

gitmek (to go)


ver+dik+niz+de------------------>verdiinizde (when you give/gave)

puan+n覺z------------------------>puan覺n覺z (your point)

git+r---------------------------->gider (it goes)


Yanl覺 cevap verdiinizde be puan覺n覺z gider. (You lose five points when you answer wrong. (direct: Your five points go when you give a wrong answer.))


kaybetmek (to lose)

kaybet+r+siniz------------------>kaybedersiniz (you lose)


Yanl覺 cevap verdiinizde be puan kaybedersiniz. (You lose five points when you answer wrong.)


güney (south)

Amerika (America)

k覺 (the winter)

olmak (to be, to become,......)

kuzey (north)

yaz (the summer)


Güney Amerika+da----------------->Güney Amerika´da (in South America)

ol+d覺k+覺+da------------------------>olduunda (direct: when it be)

Kuzey Amerika+da------------------>Kuzey Amerika´da (in North America)

ol+r------------------------------->olur (direct: it does be)


Güney Amerika´da k覺 olduunda Kuzey Amerika´da yaz olur. (It´s summer in Northern America when it´s winter in Southern America.)


birinci (first)

s覺n覺f (1the class, 2the classroom, 3quality,..)

balamak (to start (intransitive), to begin)

son (last)


birinci s覺n覺f (first year)

birinci s覺n覺f+a(dative)---------------->birinci s覺n覺fa (to the first class)

bala+d覺k+lar覺+da-------------------->balad覺klar覺nda (when they started/start)

/onlar bala+d覺k+覺+da----------------->onlar balad覺覺nda

son s覺n覺f (the last class)

son s覺n覺f+da+idi+k------------------->son s覺n覺ftayd覺k (we were in the last class)


Onlar birinci s覺n覺fa balad覺覺nda biz son s覺n覺ftayd覺k. (We were seniors when they were first-year student (direct: We were in the last class when they started to the first class.))


gol (the goal (a point scored in sports such as football when a player sends a ball or other object into a particular area, such as between two posts (source: english-turkish dictionary of cambridge dictionary.cambridge.org)))

gol yemek (to concede a goal (direct: to eat goal))

ampiyon (the champion)

ümit, umut (the hope)

bitmek (to finish (intransitive), to end)


gol+i(accusative)--------------->golü (the goal)

ye+dik+miz+de----------------->yediimizde (when we ate/eat)

ampiyon+l覺k-------------------->ampiyonluk (the championship)

ampiyonluk umut+覺(poss.)------>ampiyonluk umudu (the hope for championship)

ampiyonluk umut+m覺z---------->ampiyonluk umudumuz (our hope for championship)

ampiyonluk umut+lar+m覺z------>ampiyonluk umutlar覺m覺z (our hopes for championship)

bit+di-------------------------->bitti (it finished)


ampiyonluk umutlar覺m覺z golü yediimizde bitti. (Our hopes for championship finished when we conceded the goal.)


sorun (the problem)

sormak (to ask)


sorun+m var------------------->sorunum var (I have a problem)

sorun+m ol+d覺k+覺+da----------->sorunum olduunda (when I have a problem)

sana (to you)

sor+abil+r mi+im--------------->sorabilir miyim? (can/may I ask?)


Bir sorunum olduunda sana sorabilir miyim? (May I ask you when I have a problem?)


ders (the lesson)

çal覺mak (to study, to work)

kitap (the book)

okumak (to read)


çal覺+ma+d覺k+m覺z+da--------------->çal覺mad覺覺m覺zda (when we don´t work)

oku+r+覺z--------------------------->okuruz (we read)


Ders çal覺mad覺覺m覺zda kitap okuruz. (We read book when we don´t study lesson.)


iaret (the sign)

almak (1to take, 2to buy, 3to receive, 4..5....7..8..9...19...)

sorun (the problem)

olmak (to be)

anlamak (to understand)


sen+den---------------------------->senden (from you)

al+ma+d覺k+m覺z+da------------------->almad覺覺m覺zda (when we don´t take)


anla+r+覺z---------------------------->anlar覺z (we understand)


Senden iaret almad覺覺m覺zda sorun olduunu anlar覺z. (We understand there is a problem when we don´t receive any sign from you.)


kazanmak (to win)

ne (what)

hissetmek (to feel)


kazan+ama+d覺k+n+da----------------->kazanamad覺覺nda (when you can´t win)

hisset+r+sin-------------------------->hissedersin (you feel)

ne hissedersin (what do you feel?)


Kazanamad覺覺nda ne hissedersin? (How do you feel when you can´t win?)


uzun (1long, 2tall)

doru (1correct, 2true, 3..4....6..7...9....)

cümle (the sentence)

kurmak (1to set, set up, 2to install, 3..5.....6..)

cümle kurmak (to make sentence)

anlamak (1to come to an agreement, 2to get on with somebody (usually used with "iyi"), 3to communicate)


uzun ve doru cümleler (the long and correct sentences)

kur+abil+dik+m+de-------------------->kurabildiimde (when I can set)

senin ile ---------> seninle (with you)

daha iyi (better)

/daha kolay, daha rahat (easier)



Uzun ve doru cümleler kurabildiimde seninle daha rahat anlaaca覺m. (I will communicate with you much easier when I can make long and correct sentences.)


dede (the grandfather)

gülmek (to laugh)

mutlu olmak (to become happy, to get happy, to be glad)


dede+m---------------------------->dedem (my grandfather)

gül+dik+i+de------------------------>güldüünde (when he laughes/laughed)

biz de (we too, also we)

ol+yor+iz--------------------------->oluyoruz (we are being happy)


Dedem güldüünde biz de mutlu oluyoruz. (We are glad when my grandfather laughes.)


bir ey (something)

olmak (1to be, 2to become, 3to happen,5..6..7..)

ilk önce (firstly)

bilmek (to know)


ol+d覺k+覺+da----------------------->olduunda (when it happens)

bil+meli+ler----------------------->bilmeliler (they must know)


Bir ey olduunda ilk önce onlar bilmeliler. (They must know firstly when something happen.)


s覺nav (the exam)

bitmek (to finish (intransitive), to end)

saat (1the hour, 2the clock, 3o´clock, 4the watch)

on iki (twelve)


bit+dik+i+de--------------------->bittiinde (when it finished/finished)

on iki idi------->on ikiydi--------->on ikiydi (it was twelve)


S覺nav bittiinde saat on ikiydi. (It was twelve o´clock when the exam finished.)


hafta (the week)

kalmak (1to stay, 2to remain, 3...4....5....)

mesaj (the message)

göndermek, yollamak (to send)


kal+d覺k+覺+da------------------->kald覺覺nda (when it stay/stayed)

bana (to me)

gönder+ecek+ler--------------->gönderecekler (they will send)


Bir hafta kald覺覺nda bana mesaj gönderecekler. (They will send me a message when one week remains.)


k覺rm覺z覺 (red)

覺覺k (the light)

yanmak (1to burn (intransitive), 2to light (intransitive))

durmak (to stop)


yan+d覺k+覺+da----------------->yand覺覺nda (when it burns/lights)

dur+ma+n gerek-------------->durman gerek (you need to stop)


K覺rm覺z覺 覺覺k yand覺覺nda durman gerek. (You need to stop when the light is red. (direct: ....when the redlight lights up))




And let´s learn how to express the same meaning in another way.


zaman (the time)


Our way was this: dik+possessive suffix+locative suffix.

Alternative way is this: dik+possessive suffix+zaman.


I´m gonna write the sentences, which I gave as example above, with "zaman".


Eve vard覺覺m zaman sana telefon edeceim.

Televizyonu açt覺覺m zaman maç çoktan bitmiti.

Yanl覺 cevap verdiiniz zaman be puan覺n覺z gider.

Yanl覺 cevap verdiiniz zaman be puan kaybedersiniz.

Güney Amerika´da k覺 olduu zaman Kuzey Amerika´da yaz olur.

Onlar birinci s覺n覺fa balad覺覺 zaman biz son s覺n覺ftayd覺k.

ampiyonluk umutlar覺m覺z golü yediimizde bitti.

Bir sorunum olduu zaman sana sorabilir miyim? 

Ders çal覺mad覺覺m覺z zaman kitap okuruz.

Senden iaret almad覺覺m覺z zaman sorun olduunu anlar覺z.

Kazanamad覺覺n zaman ne hissedersin?

Uzun ve doru cümleler kurabildiim zaman seninle daha rahat anlaaca覺m.

Dedem güldüü zaman biz de mutlu oluyoruz.

Bir ey olduu zaman ilk önce onlar bilmeliler.

S覺nav bittii zaman saat on ikiydi.

Bir hafta kald覺覺 zaman bana mesaj gönderecekler.

K覺rm覺z覺 覺覺k yand覺覺 zaman durman gerek.

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