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-dik 5, -ecek -2.2 ,-2

We will do the same thing what we did for "-dik". We will firstly conjugate the suffix with the possessive suffixes, then we will add locative suffix or write "zaman".


ev (the house, home)

temizlemek (to clean)

ça覺rmak (1to invite, 2to call in, 3to call for)

son (1the end, 2last)

-e kadar (until, till)

yard覺m etmek (to help)

yard覺mc覺 olmak (to help (direct: to be helper))


ev+i(accusative)--------------------->evi (the house)

temizle+ecek+n+de------------------->temizleyeceinde (when you will clean)

ben+i(accusative)-------------------->beni (me)

ça覺r+r ise+n--->ça覺r+r+se+n-------->ça覺r覺rsan (if you invite)

son+i(poss.)------------------------->sonu (its end)

son+i(poss.)+e(dative) kadar--------->sonuna kadar (until its end)

yard覺m+c覺 ol+r+覺m-------------------->yard覺mc覺 olurum (i be helper)


Evi temizleyeceinde beni de ça覺r覺rsan sonuna kadar yard覺m ederim. (I help to the bitter end if you call me in when you will/are going to clean the house.)


(Sen bu cümleyi söylediinde o evi temizlemeye henüz balamam覺. (She hasn´t started to clean the house yet when you said this sentence.))


müzik (the music)

dinlemek (to listen to)

oda (the room)

gitmek (to go)


dinle+ecek+i+de--------------------->dinleyeceinde (when he will listen)

oda+覺+a----------------------------->odas覺na (to his room)

git+yor+- --------------------------->gidiyor (he is coming)


Müzik dinleyeceinde odas覺na gidiyor. (He´s going to his room when he will/is going to listen to music.)


(Müzik dinlemeye henüz balamam覺. (He hasn´t started to listen to music yet))


fotoraf (the photograph)

mezun (graduated, diplomaed) (pronunciation: meezun)

mezun olmak (to graduate)

çekmek (1to pull, 2to take (for the video or photograph),3..4..15....18....)


bu fotoraf (this photo)

bu fotoraf覺 (this photo (accusative))

mezun ol+acak+m覺z+da--------------->mezun olaca覺m覺zda (when we will/would/are going to graduate)

çek+mi+idi+k----------------------->çekmitik (we had taken)


Bu fotoraf覺 mezun olaca覺m覺zda çekmitik. (We have taken this photo when we would graduate.)


(Henüz mezun olmam覺t覺k. (We hadn´t graduated yet))


porno (the porn)

izlemek (to watch)

oda (the room)

perde (the curtain)

kapatmak (to close)

perdeyi çekmek, perdeyi kapatmak/kapamak (to draw the curtain, to close the curtain, to pull the certain open or closed)


izle+ecek+i+de----------------------->izleyeceinde (when he will/is going to watch)

oda+覺n(gen.) perde+ler(plural)+i(poss)>odan覺n perdeleri (the curtains of the room)

oda+覺n(gen.) perde+ler(plural)+i(poss.)+i(accusative)-->odan覺n perdelerini

çek+yor+- -------------------------->çekiyor


Porno izleyeceinde odan覺n perdelerini kapat覺yor. (He´s pulling the certain closed when he is going to watch porn.)


(Henüz izlemeye balamam覺. (He hasn´t started to watch yet.))


d覺ar覺 (1outside, 2outdoor)

ç覺kmak (1to go out, 2..3...4....5...)

kap覺 (the door)

mutlaka (certainly, absolutely)

kilitlemek (to lock (transitive))


ç覺k+acak+m+da---------------------->ç覺kaca覺mda (when i will/am going to go out)

kap覺+覺(accusative)------------------->kap覺y覺 (the door)

kilitle+r+im--------------------------->kilitlerim (i lock)


D覺ar覺 ç覺kaca覺mda kap覺y覺 mutlaka kilitlerim. (I certainly lock the door when I´m going to go out.)


(Henüz d覺ar覺 ç覺kmam覺覺m. (I haven´t gone out yet.))


öretmen (the teacher)

gezi (the trip, the journey)

düzenlemek (1to organize, 2to compose, 3to arrange)

veli (the parent of a child (in school language))

izin (the permission)

form (the form)

göndermek (to sent)




izin form+覺-------------------------->izin formu (the permission form)

gönder+r+- ------------------------>gönderir (he sends)


Öretmen, gezi düzenleyeceinde velilere izin formu gönderir. (The teacher sends the parents when a permission form he will organize a trip.)


(Öretmen henüz düzenlememi. (The teacher hasn´t organized it yet.))


anne (the mother)

yemek (1the meal, 2to eat)

yapmak (to do, to make)

yemek yapmak (to cook, to make a meal)

yard覺m etmek (to help)


anne+m--------------------------->annem (my mother)

yap+acak+覺+da-------------------->yapaca覺nda (when she will do)

annem yemek yapaca覺nda (when my mother will cook)

ona (to him/her)

yard覺m et+yor+im------------------>yard覺m ediyorum (i´m helping)


Annem yemek yapaca覺nda ona yard覺m ediyorum. (I´m helping my mother when she will cook. (direct: When my mother will cook, I help her.))

/ Yemek yapaca覺nda anneme yard覺m ediyorum. (I´m helping my mother when she will cook.)


(Annesi yemek yapmaya henüz balamam覺. (His/her mother hasn´t started to cook yet.))


dede (the grandfather)

gazete (the newspaper)

okumak (to read)

gözlük (the eyeglasses)

vermek (to give)


dede+i----------------------------->dedesi (his grandfather)


o+a(dative)------------------------>ona (to him/her/it)

gözlük+i(poss)+i(accusative)-------->gözlüünü (his eyeglasses)

ver+yor+- ------------------------->veriyor (he is giving)


Dedesi gazete okuyaca覺nda ona gözlüünü veriyor. (He gives his grandfather´s eyeglasses when he is going to read newspaper.) (direct: When his grandfather is going to read newspaper, he gives his eyeglasses to him.)





Let´s write them with "zaman"

Evi temizleyecein zaman beni de ça覺r覺rsan sonuna kadar yard覺m ederim.

Müzik dinleyecei zaman odas覺na gidiyor.

Bu fotoraf覺 mezun olaca覺m覺z zaman çekmitik.

Porno izleyecei zaman odan覺n perdelerini kapat覺yor.

D覺ar覺 ç覺kaca覺m zaman kap覺y覺 mutlaka kilitlerim.

Öretmen, gezi düzenleyecei zaman velilere izin formu gönderir.

Annem yemek yapaca覺 zaman ona yard覺m ediyorum.

Yemek yapaca覺 zaman anneme yard覺m ediyorum

Dedesi gazete okuyaca覺 zaman ona gözlüünü veriyor. 

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