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the passive voice - 2

The suffix is "-il"


konferans (the lecture)

küresel (global)

覺s覺nma (the warming)

tart覺mak (to discuss)


tart覺+覺l+d覺--->tart覺覺ld覺 (it was discussed)

Konferansta küresel 覺s覺nma tart覺覺ld覺. (The global warming was discussed at the lecture.)


sevinç (the joy)

paylamak (to share)

çoalmak (to increase (intrn.))


payla+覺l+dikçe->payla覺ld覺kça (as long as it is shared)

Sevinçler payla覺ld覺kça çoal覺rm覺. ((People say) The joys multiply as long as they are shared.)


organizasyon (the organization)

iptal etmek (to cancel)

bence (in my opinion)

hata (the mistake)


ol+acak+idi-->ol+acak+di------>olacakt覺 (it would be)

iptal et+il+me(noun)+i(poss.)-->iptal edilmesi (direct: its being cancelled)

hata+idi---------------------->hatayd覺 (it was [a] mistake)


Çok güzel bir organizasyon olacakt覺. 襤ptal edilmesi bence bir hatayd覺. (It would be a very good organization. I think it was a mistake that it was cancelled.)


olay (the situation, the event)

hep (always)

yanl覺 (1false, 2wrong, 3the mistake)

öretmek (to teach)



Olaylar size hep yanl覺 öretildi. (The events have always been taught you wrong.)


h覺rs覺z (the thief)

iddia etmek (to claim)


ol+d覺k+lar覺---------->olduklar覺 (that they are)

iddia et+il+yor------>iddia ediliyor (it is being claimed)


H覺rs覺z olduklar覺 iddia ediliyor. (It is being claimed that they are thieves.)


kap覺 (the door)

kapatmak (to close)


kapat+覺l+acak------>kapat覺lacak (it will be closed)


Kap覺lar saat on ikide kapat覺lacak. (The doors will be closed at twelve o´clock.)


uzak (1far, 2afar)

koyun (the sheep)

ses (1the voice, 2the sound)

duymak (to hear)


uzak+lar(plural)+dan(ablative)-->uzaklardan (from afar (direct: from far places))

koyun ses+ler(plural)+i(poss.)-->koyun sesleri (the voices of sheep, the sheep voices)

duy+覺l+yor+idi----------------->duyuluyordu (it was being heard)


Uzaklardan koyun sesleri duyuluyordu. (Voices of sheep were being heard from afar.)


bu kadar (this much)

büyük (big, great)

y覺lan (the snake)

hemen (quickly)

öldürmek (to kill)


öldür+il+ebil+r(present simp.) mi--->öldürülebilir mi? (can it be killed?)


Bu kadar büyük bir y覺lan hemen öldürülebilir mi? (Can a big snake this much be killed quickly?)




koymak (to put)

koy+(i)l+mek-------------->koyulmak / konmak (to be put)




"-il" is the most common passive suffix.

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