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tüm, bütün (whole, all)

zaman (the time)

gitar (the guitar)

çalmak (1to steal, 2to play (music))

geçirmek (1to make sth/smb pass, 2..3...4to spend, 5...7...)


gitar çal+arak---------------->çalarak (by playing guitar)


Tüm zaman覺n覺 gitar çalarak geçiriyor. (He is spending all time [by] playing guitar.)


geçim (the livelihood)

salamak (1to supply, 2to recorrect, to prove)

geçimini salamak (to earn one´s living (direct: to supply one´s livelihood))

bilet (the ticket)

satmak (to sell)



bilet sat+arak----------------->bilet satarak (by selling ticket)


Geçimimizi bilet satarak kazan覺rd覺k. (We used to earn our living by selling ticket.)


sövmek, küfretmek (to swear)

elde etmek (to get)


küfret+erek / söv+erek-------->küfrederek/söverek (by swearing)


Küfrederek hiçbir ey elde edemezsin. (By swearing, you can get nothing.)


kalp (the heart)

kriz (the crisis)

geçirmek (1to experience, to undergo, 2..3...4...5..6....)

ölmek (to die)


kalp kriz+i--------------------->kalp krizi (the heart attack)

geçir+erek--------------------->geçirerek (by undergoing)


Kalp krizi geçirerek öldü. (He died undergoing heart attack.)


h覺zl覺 (fast)

yürümek (to walk)

on (ten)

dakika (the minute)

yetimek (1to grow, 2to reach)


yürü+erek--------------------->yürüyerek (by walking)

on dakika+da------------------>on dakikada (in/within ten minutes)


H覺zl覺 yürüyerek on dakikada yetiiriz. (We reach within ten minutes walking fast.)


ba覺rmak (to shout)

konumak (1to talk, 2to speak)


ba覺r+arak-------------------->ba覺rarak (by shouting)


Niye ba覺rarak konuuyorsun? (Why are you talking loudly/shouting?)


cevap vermek (to answer (direct: to give answer))

hata etmek (to make mistake)


ver+me(neg.)+erek---------->vermeyerek (by not giving)


Cevap vermeyerek hata ettik. (We made a mistake by not answering.)


istemek (to want)

söylemek (to say, to tell)


iste+erek------------------->isteyerek (willingly (direct: by wanting))


Bunu isteyerek söylemedim. (I didn´t say intentionally/willingly.)

O ii istemeyerek yapt覺m. (I did that work unwillingly.)

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