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the reflexive mood

This can´t be seen at all of the verbs of course.


The suffix is "-n" like the vowel-ended verbs´ passive voice.


You may get confused how to distinguish between passive and reflexive here. You are right to get confused, that is very possible. It is understood easily according to the situation ;) Don´t exaggerate this similiarity. :)


haz覺rlamak (to prepare)

haz覺rla+n(pass.)+mak---->haz覺rlanmak (to be prepared)

haz覺rla+n(refl.)+mak----->haz覺rlanmak (to get ready)


Yeni bir plan haz覺rlanacak. (A new plan will be prepared.)

Be dakikada haz覺rlanamam. (I can´t get ready within five minutes.)


söylemek (to say, to tell)

söyle+n(pass.)+mek---->söylenmek (to be said)

söyle+n(refl.)+mek----->söylenmek (1to grumble, 2to mutter)-->to say something oneself even if nobody listens.


Tören balamadan önce 襤stiklâl Mar覺 söylendi. (The 襤stiklal Mar覺 was sung before the ceremony begins.)

Son dolmuu kaç覺r覺nca uzun bir süre söylendi. (He grumbled for a long time when he missed the last minibus.)


görmek (to see)


görünmek (to seem, to look)


Hasta görünüyorsun. (You look like sick.)


gezmek (to visit many places, to stroll)


gezinmek (to stroll (oneself))


Bugüne kadar pek çok tarihî yer gezdim. (I have visited many historical places so far.)

Dün akam sahilde gezdik. (We strolled along the beach last evening.)

/Dün akam sahilde gezindik. (We strolled [ourselves] along the beach last evening.)


giymek (to wear)


giyinmek (to get dressed)


soymak (1to peel, 2to undress (transitive))


soyunmak (to get undressed)


kaçmak (to run away)


kaç覺nmak (to avoid) [this is not a verb that is often used.]


Müdürün yan覺nda yüksek sesle konumaktan kaç覺nmal覺s覺n覺z. (You should avoid of speaking loudly beside the director.)


çekmek (1to pull, 2to suffer, to endure, 3to absorb, 4..5..6..7..8...)


çekinmek (to avoid, to hesitate)


Müdürün yan覺nda yüksek sesle konumaktan çekinmelisiniz. (You should avoid of speaking loudly beside the director.)

Soru sormaktan niye çekiniyorsun? (Why do you hesitate to ask a question.)

Yere bir ey dökmekten çekinmenize gerek yok, nas覺l olsa balkonu y覺kayaca覺z. (You don´t need to hesitate to pour something down the floor, we will wash the balcony anyhow.)


bakmak (to look)


bak覺nmak (to look (yourself, a bit aimless))


Yal覺 adam caminin önüne oturmu, bak覺n覺p duruyor. (The old man had sat down in front of the mosque and has been looking around.)


hasta (ill, sick)


hastalanmak (to get ill)


ilgi (1the concern, the interest, 2the connection, the relation)


ilgilenmek (1to be interested in, 2to be busy with)


-u an ne yap覺yorsun? (What are you doing at the moment?)

-Türkçeyle ilgileniyorum. (I´m being busy with Turkish.)


Mitolojiyle uzun zamand覺r ilgileniyorum. (I´m [being] interested in mythology for a long time.)


etmek (to make)


edinmek (to get sth. by oneself, to acquire, to obtain)


Bu konu hakk覺nda hangi kaynaklardan bilgi edinebiliriz? (About this topic, from which sources can we acquire knowledge?)

Bir i edinmedikçe evlenmeyi düünmüyorum. (I´m not thinking to get married unless I obtain a job.)


almak (1to take, 2to buy, 3to receive)


al覺nmak (to take offence)


O sana k覺zmad覺 ki, niye al覺n覺yorsun? (But he didn´t get angry with you, why are you taking offence?)


sinir (the nerve)


sinirlenmek, k覺zmak (to get irritated, to get angry)


Bana niye k覺z覺yor/sinirleniyor? (Why is he getting angry with me? (direct:.......to me?))

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