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-ecek -2.3

yapmak (to do)

bir ┼čey (something)


yap+acak bir ┼čey----->yapacak bir ┼čey (something to do)

Yapacak bir ┼čey yok. (There is nothing to do.)

parallel alternative 1

Yapaca─č─▒m─▒z bir ┼čey yok. (There is nothing that we do.)

parallel alternative 2

Bir ┼čey yapamay─▒z. (We can do nothing.)

... etc. etc.

You are talking for the subject by using active voice.


yap+─▒l+acak bir ┼čey--->yap─▒lacak bir ┼čey (something to do (direct: something to be done))

Yap─▒lacak bir ┼čey yok. (There is nothing to do. (direct: There is nothing to be done.))

parallel alternative 1

Ba┼čka bir ┼čey yap─▒lamaz. (Nothing else can be done.)


You are talking for the object by using passive voice.


ö─črenmek (to learn)

ba┼čka (another, other)

dil (1the tongue, 2the language)


ö─čren+ecek ba┼čka dil----->ö─črenecek ba┼čka dil (another language to learn)

ö─čren+il+ecek ba┼čka dil--->ö─črenilecek ba┼čka dil (another language to be learnt)


Ö─črenecek ba┼čka bir dil bulamad─▒n m─▒? (Couldn´t you find another language to learn?)

=Ö─črenece─čin ba┼čka bir dil yok muydu? (Wasn´t there any other language that you would learn?)

=Ba┼čka bir dil ö─črenemez miydin? (Weren´t you able to learn any other language?)



Ö─črenilecek ba┼čka bir dil bulamad─▒n m─▒?

=Ba┼čka bir dil ö─črenilemez miydi? (Couldn´t any other language be learnt?)



yemek (to eat)

hiçbir ┼čey (nothing)

kalmak (1to stay, 2to remain)


ye+ecek----->yiyecek (the food) ["yiyecek" comes from here]


Yiyecek hiçbir ┼čey kalmam─▒┼č. (None of something to eat has remained.)

=Yiyece─čimiz hiçbir ┼čey kalmam─▒┼č. (Nothing we can eat has remained.)

=Yiyebileceklerimizin hepsi tükenmi┼č. (All what we can eat has come to an end.)



ye+n(pass.)+ecek-->yenecek (for being eaten)


Yenecek hiçbir ┼čey kalmam─▒┼č. (None of something to eat has remained.)

=Yenebileceklerin hepsi tükenmi┼č. (All what can be eaten has come to an end.)

=Hiçbir ┼čey yenemez, çünkü yoklar. (Nothing can be eaten, because they are absent.)



göstermek (to show)

sonuç (the result)

bulmak (to find)


göster+il+ecek----->gösterilecek (to be shown)

bul+n(pass.)+ama(neg. ability)+d─▒(simp.past) --> bulunamad─▒ (it couldn´t be found)


Gösterilecek bir sonuç bulunamad─▒. (No result show could be found to show.)


gülmek (to laugh)




Anlatt─▒─č─▒ hikâye gülünecek bir hikâye de─čildi. (The story he told wasn´t a story to laugh.)


unutmak (to forget)



Unutulmayacak bir hediye verdik. (We gave a unforgettable gift. (direct: We gave a gift that won´t be forgetten.))


affetmek (to forgive)

affet+(i)l+eme+ecek-->affedilemeyecek (it won´t be able to be forgiven)


Fakat bu affedilemeyecek bir hata. (But this is a mistake that won´t be able to be forgiven.)


Fince (Finnish (language))

kolay (easy)

ö─črenmek (to learn)


ö─čren+(i)l+me+ecek-->ö─črenilmeyecek (it won´t be learnt.)


Fince kolay ö─črenilmeyecek bir dil de─čil. (Finnish is not a language not to learn easily. (direct: Finnish is not a language that won´t be learnt easily.))

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