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reciprocalness and togetherness

Of course, it doesn´t happen at all verbs. But I´m going to write the most used ones as far as I remember at that moment.


This mood tends to be used with "ile (with)"


yazmak (to write)


yaz覺mak (to chat (to write reciprocally))


Dün akam arkada覺mla yaz覺t覺m. (I chatted to my friend in the evening yesterday.)


görmek (to see)


görümek (to meet (to see each other))


-Müdürle görümek istiyorum. Odas覺nda m覺? (I want to see the director. Is he in his room?)

-Hay覺r, deil. (No, he isn´t.)


sevmek (to love, to like)


sevimek (to have a sex)


Seninle sevimek istiyorum. (I want to have a sex with you.)


bulmak (to find)


bulumak (to meet, to come together (direct: to find each other))


-Uzun zamand覺r görümüyorduk. Yar覺n görüeceiz. (We hadn´t been seeing each other of us for a long time. We will meet tomorrow.) 

-Nerede buluacaks覺n覺z? (Where will you come together?)

-San覺r覺m sahilde. (I think, on the beach.)


anlamak (to understand)


anlamak (1to understand each other, 2to come to an agreement, 3to get along)


Orada hiç 襤ngilizce konumad覺k. Birbirimizle hep Türkçe anlat覺k. (We never spoke English there. We understood each other in Turkish every time.)

Ronaldinho´nun Beikta´la anlaaca覺 söyleniyor. (People say that Ronaldinho will come to an agreement with Beikta.)

Ablas覺yla hiç anlaam覺yor. (He can never get along with his older sister.)


karmak (1to mix, to blend, 2to shuffle (for play cards or papers))


kar覺mak (1to mix, 2to interfere, 3to become complicated)


Ya ve su kar覺maz. (The oil and water don´t mix.)

Ben kar覺amam. Sorununuzu kendiniz halletmelisiniz. (I can´t interfere. You ought to figure your problem out yourself.)


"kar覺t覺rmak" (causative of "kar覺mak") is used much more than "karmak". "karmak" is used almost only for the play cards.


aka (the joke)


akalamak (to make fun of each other)


Biz yaln覺zca akala覺yorduk; kavga etmiyorduk. (We were just making fun of each other, not fighting.)


gülmek (to laugh)


gülümek (to laugh together)


Ben bunu söyleyince gülütüler. (They laughed together when I said this.)


ba覺rmak (to shout)


bar覺mak (to shout at each other/together)


Tamam! Yeter! Bar覺may覺n! (Okay! Enough! Don´t shout at each other!)


dövmek (to beat (by fighting))


dövümek (to fight (to beat each other))


Her gün birisiyle dövüürdü, eve burnu kanayarak gelirdi. (He used to fight with anyone everyday, used to come home his nose bleeding.)


tartmak (to weigh (to measure weigh of something))


tart覺mak (1to discuss, 2to argue)


Bugün hocayla çok ilginç bir konu tart覺t覺k. (We discussed an interesting topic with the teacher today.)


bomak (to suffocate (transitive))


boumak (1to fight [to try to suffocate each other], 2to struggle, to grapple, to wrestle (with a bad situation))


襤ki ay boyunca hastal覺kla boutum, o yüzden bir yere gidemedim. (I grappled with the illness during two montsh, and therefore I couldn´t go anywhere.)


kar覺 (1opposite, 2against)


kar覺lamak (1to welcome, 2to be equal, 2to be sufficient)


kar覺lamak (to come across sb/sth [but in Turkish: with sb/th])


Caddede yürüyordum. Öretmenimle kar覺lat覺m. (I was walking at the street. I came across my teacher.)


bakmak (to look)


bak覺mak (to look at each other)


Çok k覺zg覺nd覺. Baya覺 ba覺rd覺. Bir ey diyemedik. Bir süre bak覺t覺k. O sustuktan sonra yava yava konumaya balad覺k. (He was too angry. He shouted very much. We couldn´t say anything. We looked at each other of us awhile. We started to talk slowly after he has been quiet.)


itmek (to push)


itimek (to push one another)


襤nsanlar ekmekleri daha çabuk alabilmek için sürekli itiiyorlard覺. (People were pushing one another so as to be able to take the breads more quick.)


ötmek (to sing (for birds))


ötümek (to sing reciprocally/together)


Yedide uyand覺m. D覺ar覺 ç覺kt覺m. Kular ötüüyordu. Baka ses yoktu. (I woke up at seven. I went out. The birds were singing reciprocally. There was no voice else.)


uçmak (to fly)


uçumak (to flit (to fly reciprocally/together))


Çürük meyvelerin üzerinde sinekler uçuuyordu. (The flies were flitting over the rotten fruits.)


kaçmak (1to run away, 2to miss, to be missed)


kaç覺mak (to run away together (to run away in various directions))


benzemek (to be similiar, to resemble)


benzemek (to be similiar to each other, to resemble each other)


But we usually prefer to use "birbirine benzemek (direct and correct:  to be similiar to each other)"



sava (the battle, the war)


savamak (to battle, to make war)


bar覺 (the peace)


bar覺mak (to make peace with someone / one another)


güre (the wrestling)


güremek (to wrestle)


uramak (to struggle/fight)

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