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Not a very difficult thing.

This suffix can be used for the meanings of either "when" or "because". Both of these meanings can sometimes be expressed in the same time via this suffix in our language.


The tense and the subject are unclear if the verb is alone.

 You understand by looking at the suffixes at the verb unless you don´t use any other pronouns. If you want to make the subject clear, you use a personal pronoun or something else.


duymak (to hear)

ok olmak (to be shocked, to be scandalized at, to be surprised deeply)


Bunu duyunca ok oldum. (I was shocked when/because I heard this.)


gelmek (to come)

görmek (to see)


Gelince görürsün. (You see when you come.)

=Geldiinde görürsün.

=Geldiin zaman görürsün.


anlatmak (to tell)

anlamak (to understand)


Sen anlat覺nca daha iyi anl覺yorum. (I understand better when/because you tell.)

=Sen anlatt覺覺nda daha iyi anl覺yorum.

=Sen anlatt覺覺n zaman daha iyi anl覺yorum.


hastalanmak (to get ill)

doktor (the doctor)

gitmek (to go)


Hastalan覺nca doktora gideriz. (We see doctor when we get ill.) (direct: We go to doctor....)

=Hastaland覺覺m覺zda doktora gideriz.

=Hastaland覺覺m覺z zaman doktora gideriz.


emin olmak (to be sure)

cevap vermek (to answer, to give answer)

istemek (to want)

emin ol+ama(neg.ability)+覺nca------>emin olamay覺nca

Emin olamay覺nca cevap vermek istemedim. (I didn´t want to answer because I couldn´t be sure.)

=Emin olamad覺覺mdan cevap vermek istemedim.

=Emin olamad覺覺m için cevap vermek istemedim.


aabey (the older brother)

evlenmek (to get marry)

ta覺nmak (to move (to another house))



aabeyim evlenince (when/because my brother get/got married)

Aabeyim evlenince yaln覺z kald覺m. (I stood alone when/because my brother got married.)


Evlenince 襤stanbul´a ta覺nd覺. (He moved to 襤stanbul when he got married.)

Aabeyim, evlenince 襤stanbul´a ta覺nd覺. (My brother moved to 襤stanbul when/because he got married.)

Aabeyim evlenince 襤stanbul´a ta覺nd覺. (1My brother moved to 襤stanbul when/because he got married. 2S/he moved to 襤stanbul when/because my brother got married.)


I just wanted to tell the importance of the comma.


titremek (1to shiver, 2to tremble, 3to vibrate)

görmek (to see)


Titrediini görünce hastas覺n sand覺m. (I thought you are/were ill when I saw you were shivering.)


sana (to you)

bakmak (to look at)

anne (the mother)

hat覺rlamak (to remember)


Sana bak覺nca annemi hat覺rl覺yorum. (I remember my mother when I look at you.)


söylemek (to say)

k覺zmak (to get angry)


Arabay覺 sataca覺m覺 söyleyince acaba ne diyecek? (I wonder what will he say when I say I will sell the car.)


istemek (to want)

iste+n(passive)+ince---->istenince (when people want (auf Deutsch: als man will))

Anlad覺m ki istenince pek çok ey yap覺labiliyormu. (I understood many things can be done when someone wants)


organizasyon (the organization)

iptal etmek (to cancel)

iptal et+(i)l [passive]+ince--------->iptal edilince

Organizasyon iptal edilince paralar覺m覺z覺 geri verdiler. (They gave our moneys back when/because the organization was cancelled.)

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