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the suffix -dir - 1

One of the tasks of the suffix "-dir" is to express official/formal notifications. You usually see in the official places (for ex: in the banks, public areas, in the work places, in academical texts etc. etc.) the sentences ends with "-dir". The task of official notifications is why they end with "-dir".


sigara (the cigarette), içmek (to drink), yasak (1forbidden, 2the prohibition)

Sigara içmek yasak. (No smoke. (direct: It´s forbidden to smoke.))

If you want to make it in the official meaning:

yasak+d覺r---------->yasakt覺r [remember the hardening of consonant]

Sigara içmek yasakt覺r. (No smoke. (direct: It´s forbiddent to smoke.))


hesap (1the account, 2the calculation)

para (the money)

kalmak (1to stay, 2to remain)


hesap+n覺z+da------------>hesab覺n覺zda (in your account)

kal+ma(negative)+m覺+d覺r->kalmam覺t覺r (it hasn´t remained)


"-mi" leaves the meaning of unknownness/unclearness when it comes together with "-dir". Because "-d覺" which iis simple past suffix can´t be used with "-dir". It´s certainly wrong to write "-didir".


Hesab覺n覺zda para kalmam覺t覺r. (No money in your account more. (direct: Any money hasn´t remained in your account.))


geçici (temporary), ifre (the password), yedek (substitute, reserve) e-posta (the e-mail), göndermek (to send)


geçici ifre (the temporary password)

geçici ifreniz (your temporary password)

e-posta+n覺z+a(dative)----->e-postan覺za (to your e-mail)

gönder+il(passive)+mi+dir->gönderilmitir (it has sent)


Geçici ifreniz yedek e-postan覺za gönderilmitir. (Your temporary password has been sent to your substitute e-mail.)


toplant覺 (the meeting, the gathering), kat覺lmak (to join), üye (the member)

geç (late), dokuz (nine), yer (1the place, 2the ground, 3the earth),

haz覺r (ready), haz覺r bulunmak (to be present)

gerekmek (to need, to be needed)


toplant覺+a(dative) kat覺l+acak(verbal adj.) üye+ler(plural)+miz+in(genitive)

-->toplant覺ya kat覺lacak üyelerimizin (our members which will join the gathering)

toplant覺 yer+i(poss.)------>toplant覺 yeri (the gathering/meeting place) [ind.poss.determ.]

toplant覺 yer++de(loc.)---->toplant覺 yerinde (in the meeting place)

en geç saat 9´da (at 9 o´clock latest)

en geç saat 9´da haz覺r bulunmak (to be present at 9 o´clok latest)


gerekmek+de(locative)+dir-->gerekmektedir (it needs (direct: it is at to be needed))


Toplant覺ya kat覺lacak üyelerimizin toplant覺 yerinde en geç saat 9´da haz覺r bulunmalar覺 gerekmektedir. (Our members which will join the meeting need to be present at the meeting place at 9 o´clock latest.)




Suppose you read these sentences in an encyclopedia. Probably you will see the sentences end with "-dir":


Ar覺 Da覺 Türkiye´nin en uzun da覺d覺r. (The Mount Ar覺 is the highest mountain of Turkey.)

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti´nin resmî dili Türkçedir. (The official language of the Turkish Republic is Turkish.)

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk 1881´de domutur. (Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has been born in 1881.)
Finlandiya bayra覺n覺n renkleri mavi ve beyazd覺r. (The colours of the flag of Finland are blue and white.)
Bu kasabadaki insanlar覺n en önemli geçim kayna覺 bal覺kç覺l覺kt覺r. (The most important meal ticket of the people in this town is fishery.)

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