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-eli (beri)

The mean doesn´t change even if you don´t use "beri". 


If you want to make clear, who fulfils the verb; use the personal pronouns. Otherwise this is not a mood that can be conjugated by the personal suffixes.


lise (the high school)

mezun olmak (to graduate) [pronunciation: me:zun]

arkada (the friend)

görümek (to see each other, to meet)


lise+den------------------>liseden (from the high school)

mezun ol+al覺-------------->mezun olal覺

lise arkada+覺------------->lise arkada覺 (the high school friends)

lise arkada+lar+m+ile----->lise arkadalar覺mla (with my high school friends)

görü+me+di+m----------->görümedim (i didn´t met)


Lise arkadalar覺mla liseden mezun olal覺 beri görümedim. (I haven´t met my high school friends since I graduated from the high school.)

=Lise arkadalar覺mla liseden mezun olal覺 görümedim.

=Lise arkadalar覺mla liseden mezun olduumdan beri görümedim.


If you want, you also can repeat the emphasizing/stress according to the locations of the components of the sentence. The stress is at "liseden mezun olal覺 beri (since I graduated from the high school)" because it locates in front of the predicate.


dede (the grandfather)

ben (I)

gelmek (to come)

uyumak (to sleep)


dede+m------------------->dedem (my grandfather)

gel+eli (beri)--------------->geleli (beri)

uyu+yor+- ---------------->uyuyor (he is sleeping)

sen geleli beri (since you came)


Dedem sen geleli beri uyuyor. (My grandfather has been sleeping since you came.)

=Dedem sen geleli uyuyor.

=Dedem sen geldiinden beri uyuyor.


evlenmek (to get marry), bura (this place, here), hiç (never, no), gelmek (to come)


evlen+eli (beri)------------->evleneli (beri)

bura and buraya are the same here. they can be used instead of each other opitonally.


Evleneli beri buraya hiç gelmediler. (They have never come here since they got married.)

=Evleneli buraya hiç gelmediler.

=Evlendiklerinden beri buraya hiç gelmediler.


i (1the work, 2the job, 3the business), balamak (to start, to begin), bo (empty), zaman (time)


balamak: dative case

i+e balamak-------------->ie balamak (to start the job)

i+e bala+al覺 (beri)-------->ie balayal覺 (beri)

bo zaman (spare time, free time (direct: empty time))

bo zaman+lar覺 var---------->bo zamanlar覺 var (they have spare time)

bo zaman+lar覺 ol+ma+yor--->bo zamanlar覺 olmuyor (they are not having spare time)


襤e balayal覺 beri bo zamanlar覺 olmuyor. (They don´t have free time since they started the job. (direct: I´m not having free time since I started to the job.))

=襤e balayal覺 bo zamanlar覺 olmuyor.

=襤e balad覺klar覺ndan beri bo zamanlar覺 olmuyor.


roman (the novel), okumak (to read), hayat, yaam (the life)

bak覺, alg覺lay覺 (perceiving), deimek (to change, to alter (intr.))


bu roman (this novel), bu roman+覺(accusative), bu roman覺 (this novel (acc.))

oku+al覺 (beri)--------------->okuyal覺 (beri)

hayat+a bak覺-------------->hayata bak覺 (perceiving the life)

hayat+a bak覺+n覺z----------->hayata bak覺覺m (my perceiving the life)


Bu roman覺 okuyal覺 beri hayata bak覺覺m deiti. (Since I read this novel, I have been perceiving the life different. (direct: My looking at the life changed since I read this novel.))

=Bu roman覺 okuyal覺 hayata bak覺覺m deiti.

=Bu roman覺 okuduumdan beri hayata bak覺覺m deiti.


tekrar etmek (1to repeat, 2to restudy), pek çok, birçok (a lot of, plenty of, many)

kelime, sözcük (the word), unutmak (to forget)


tekrar et+me(negative)+eli (beri)---->tekrar etmeyeli (beri)

pek çok sözcük (a lot of words)

pek çok sözcük+i(accusative)-------->pek çok sözcüü



Tekrar etmeyeli pek çok sözcüü unutmusun. (You have forgetten many words since you haven´t been restudying them.

=Tekrar etmeyeli beri pek çok sözcüü unutmusun.


anne (the mother), gelmek (to come), mutfak (the kitchen)

gel+eli (beri)

mutfak+da-------------------------->mutfakta (in the kitchen)


Annem, geleli beri mutfakta. (My mother is in the kitchen since she came.)

=Annem, geleli mutfakta. : It is better not to use without "beri" if the predicate is not a verb, so that it can be better to hear.

=Annem, geldiinden beri mutfakta.

Annem geleli beri mutfakta. (1My mother is in the kitchen since she came. 2He/she is in the kitchen since my mother came.)

=Annem geldiinden beri mutfakta.


geleli beri mutfakta. (S/he is in the kitchen since s/he came.) Who is s/he? : my mother.

Annem, geleli beri mutfakta.

mutfakta ((s/he/it is) in the kitchen). Since when is s/he/it in the kitchen?: since my mother came.

Annem geleli beri mutfakta (since my mother came)


day覺 (the uncle (brother of mother)), k覺z (1the girl, 2the daughter)

kaza (the crash, the accident),

geçirmek (1to make sth pass, 2to undergo, to experience, 3..4...),

kaza geçirmek (to have an accident (direct: to experience an accident))

acil (1urgent, 2emergency, emergency room (acil servis)) pronunciation: a:cil

yatmak (1to lie, 2to go to the bed, 3to have a sex, to bed, 4to be unsuccesfull)


day覺+m+覺n k覺z+覺---------------------->day覺m覺n k覺z覺 (the daughter of my uncle)

geçir+eli (beri)----------------------->geçireli (beri)

acil+de------------------------------>acilde (at the emergency)

yat+(覺)yor--------------------------->yat覺yor (s/he is lying)


Day覺m覺n k覺z覺, kaza geçireli beri acilde yat覺yor. (The daughter of my uncle has been lying at the emergency since she had an accident.)

=Day覺m覺n k覺z覺, kaza geçirdiinden beri acilde yat覺yor.

Day覺m覺n k覺z覺 kaza geçireli beri acilde yat覺yor. (1The daughter of my uncle has been lying at the emergency since she had an accident. 2He/she has been lying at the emergency since the daughter of my uncle had an accident.)

=Day覺m覺n k覺z覺 kaza geçirdiinden beri acilde yat覺yor.


kaza geçireli beri acilde yat覺yor (s/he has been lying at the emergency since s/he had an accident.) : Who is s/he? --> She is the daugher of my uncle.

Day覺m覺n k覺z覺, kaza geçireli beri acilde yat覺yor.

acilde yat覺yor (s/he is lying at the emergency) : since when? --> Since the daughter of my uncle had an accident.

Day覺m覺n k覺z覺 kaza geçireli beri acilde yat覺yor.


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