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-e as adverb - 2

Another task of this pattern is to express the reason. Of course, there is also the several-times-happening meaning because the pattern is "..e ..e".


With another words:

In this task, in the same time, we understand not only how the verb happens, but also what the reason is.


yürümek (to walk)

yorulmak (to get tired, to become tired)


yürü+e yürü+e--------------->yürüye yürüye (by walking, in way of walking)

yorul+di+m------------------->yoruldum (i got tired, i became tired)


Yürüye yürüye yoruldum. (I am tired of walking.) [there is a meaning of "continuously" but it is hidden, because it is already being expressed by "...e ...e".]


yazmak (to write),

el (hand), ar覺mak (to ache)


yaz+a yaz+a---------------->yaza yaza (by writing, in way of writing)

el+ler+miz------------------->ellerimiz (our hands)

ar覺+d覺---------------------->ar覺d覺 (it ached)


Yaza yaza ellerimiz ar覺d覺. (Our hands ached of continuously writing.)


kullanmak (to use)

peçete (napkin)

kalmak (1to stay, 2to remain)


kullan+a kullan+a------------->kullana kullana (by using, in way of using)

kal+ma+d覺-------------------->kalmad覺 (it didn´t remain)


Kullana kullana peçete kalmad覺. (No napkin remained of continuously using.)


baba (father)

ba覺rmak (to shout)

ses (1voice, 2sound)

k覺s覺lmak (to be hoarse) [for voices]

sesi k覺s覺lmak (to be hoarse (direct: hoarsing of smb´s voice))

çocuk (child)


baba+m+覺n ses+i------------->babam覺n sesi (my father´s voice, the voice of my father)

ba覺r+a ba覺r+a-------------->ba覺ra ba覺ra



Babam覺n ba覺ra ba覺ra sesi k覺s覺ld覺. (My father was hoarsed of shouting) (direct: Of shouting continuosly, my father´s voice was hoarsed.)


çocuk+lar+a------------------>çocuklara (to the children)

ba覺r+a ba覺r+a--------------->ba覺ra ba覺ra

çocuklara ba覺ra ba覺ra (of always shouting at the children)

ses+m------------------------>sesim (my voice)

k覺s覺l+d覺------------------------>k覺s覺ld覺 (it was hoarsed)


Çocuklara ba覺ra ba覺ra sesim k覺s覺ld覺. (I am hoarsed of shouting at the children. (direct: My voice get hoarsed continuously shouting at the children.))


aç覺k (1open, 2light (for colours), 3far (for seas), 4clear, 5...6...)

kalmak (1to stay, 2to remain, 3..4..)

diz (knee), üst (onside, upside, overside)

diz üst+i(poss.)---------------->diz üstü (overside of knee) : laptop=dizüstü

arj (charge)

bitmek (1to end (intr.), to finish (intr.), 2to grow, 3to be tired, 4..5....6...)

aç覺k kalmak (to keep open, to go on being open)


aç覺k kal+a kal+a---------------->aç覺k kala kala (of continuously staying open)

dizüstü+in--------------------->dizüstünün (of the laptop)

arj+覺(poss.)------------------->arj覺 (its charge/electricity)

dizüstünün arj覺 (the charge of the laptop)

bit+di-------------------------->bitti (it ended/fnished)


Dizüstünün aç覺k kala kala arj覺 bitti. (The charge of the laptop ended of continuously staying open.)

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