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de/da - 4

It is difficult for me to explain this task. Hence, I have to teach it just by writing examples.


Let me try to explain: It can also be used to express a different situation or feature in the same time with another one. There are definite situations more than one. 

note: I will rearrange this explanation later. I don´t know, when I will do it but I will certainly do.


anne (mother), yemek (1meal, 2to eat), pi┼čirmek (to cook (by fire)), yard─▒m etmek (to help)


o+a(dative)---------------->ona (to him/her/it)


Annem yemek pi┼čirdi. Ben de ona yard─▒m ettim. (My mother cooked meal. And I helped her.)

We may get such a meaning: My mother cooked meal. I was there, too. But I didn´t cook, -differently- I helped her.


If it were in the meaning of "as well, too", the sentence would be in this order: Ona ben de yard─▒m ettim. (I helped her, too.)


hediye (gift, present), vermek (to give), te┼čekkür etmek (to thank), küsmek (to take umbrage)


siz+e-------------->size (to you (2nd plural))


Onlar size hediye vermi┼čti. Siz de onlara te┼čekkür etmemi┼čtiniz. O yüzden size küstüler. (They gave you gifts. And you didn´t thank them. Therefore they took umbrage at you.)


Such a meaning: They gave you gifts. Normally, people thank them for a gift. And you -as differently- didn´t thank them.


If it were in the meaning of "as well, too", the sentence would be in this order: Onlara siz de te┼čekkür etmemi┼čtiniz. (You didn´t thank them, too.)


aramak (1to look for, 2to call, to give a ring), ak┼čam (evening), uyku (sleep), sabah (morning), i┼č (1work, 2job, 3business, 4something to do), erken (early), telefon (telephone), ev (house, home), unutmak (to forget)


-Beni ak┼čam niye aramad─▒n? (Why didn´t you call me last night?)

-Uykum vard─▒. Sabah da i┼čim erken. Telefonu da evde unutmu┼čum. (I was sleepy. And my job is early in the morning. And I have forgetten the telephone at home.)


"Telefonu da evde unutmu┼čum" can and may also mean "I also have forgetten the phone at home.) Don´t be afraid. What you mean can be understood according to other sentences´ condition. Furthermore, the meaning of "too, as well" would be much clearer in the word order "Evde telefonu da unutmu┼čum." because "telefonu da" would come in front of the predicate. No complicated situation.


Rusça (Russian language), baya─č─▒ (quite, in a high/good quantity), ö─črenmek (to learn), ┼čimdi (now), Türkçe (Turkish language), ba┼člamak (to start, to begin),


Rusçay─▒ baya─č─▒ biliyorum. ┼×imdi de Türkçe ö─črenmeye ba┼člayaca─č─▒m. (I can speak Russian much. And now, I´ll start to learn Turkish. (direct: I know the Russian in a good quantity. And additionally now, I started to learn Turkish))


For the meaning of "too, as well" : ┼×imdi Türkçe de ö─črenmeye ba┼člayaca─č─▒m. / ┼×imdi Türkçe ö─črenmeye de ba┼člayaca─č─▒m. (Now I´ll start to learn Turkish too.)


That´s all for now. I write new examples as long as I remember.

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