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"-ci" in Turkish means the suffix "-er" in English. We give a duty to someone or something.


yard覺m (help) | yard覺m+ci---------->yard覺mc覺 (helper)


Size yard覺mc覺 olabilir miyim? (Can I be helper to you?)


futbol (football, soccer)

futbol+ci-------------->futbolcu (footballer)

ark覺 (song)

ark覺+c覺--------------->ark覺c覺 (singer)

sanat (art)

sanat+c覺-------------->sanatç覺 (artist)

gazete (newspaper)

gazete+ci------------->gazeteci (journalist)

yalan (lie)

yalan+ci--------------->yalanc覺 (liar)

tiyatro (theatre)

tiyatro+ci-------------->tiyatrocu (theatre player)

gitar (guitar)

gitar+ci---------------->gitarc覺 (guitarist)

kin (grudge, rancour)

kin+ci------------------>kinci (rancorous)

siyaset (politics)

siyaset+ci-------------->siyasetçi (politician)

matematik (maths)

matematik+ci----------->matematikçi (matematician)

覺rk (race)

覺rk+ci----------------->覺rkç覺 (racist)

din (religion)

din+ci----------------->dinci (bigot, bigoted)

milliyet (nation)

milliyet+ci------------->milliyetçi (nationalist)


etc. etc. etc.


We can also express to be a supporter in politics or sometimes in sport or something like these.


examples in politics:

Atatürk (the founder of the Turkish Republic)

Atatürk+ci------------->Atatürkçü (Kemalist)

Hitler (der Führer)

Hitler+ci--------------->Hitlerci (Hitlerist)

sa (right)

sa+ci----------------->sac覺 (rightist)

sol (left)

sol+ci------------------>solcu (leftist)

halk (folk, people)

halk+ci----------------->halkç覺 (populist)


examples in sports:

Schumacher (one of the legend drivers of F1)

Schumacher+ci--------->Schumacherci (fan of Schumacher)


McLaren+ci------------->McLarenci (fan of McLaren)

in football or another sports, the suffix is "-li", not "-ci"

Beikta (the oldest football club of Turkey)

Beikta+li-------------->Beiktal覺 (fan of Beikta)


Liverpool+li-------------->Liverpoollu (fan of Liverpool)


Arsenal+li--------------->Arsenalli (fan of Arsenal)

etc. etc.


This was already very limited topic. Nothing else to explain remained.

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