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... diye - 4 : together with the future tense

gelecek zaman : future tense


It´s too similiar the pattern which is used with the simple present. The meaning is the same. Indeed, there is not a remarkable difference.


bebek (baby)

uyanmak (to wake up, to wake) ((intransitive))

sessiz (silent)

konu┼čmak (1to talk, 2to speak)

izin vermek (to let, to allow)


bebek uyanacak (the baby will wake)

bebek uyanacak diye (by the thought "the baby will wake")


Bebek uyanacak diye konu┼čmama izin vermiyordu. (She wasn´t allowing me to talk because she thought that the baby would wake up.)


çay (tea)

dökülmek (1to pour out, 2..3...)

yava┼č (slow)

yürümek (to walk)


çay dökülecek (the tea is going to pour out)

çay dökülecek diye (by the thought "the tea is going to pour our")


Çay dökülecek diye yava┼č yürüdüm. (I walked slowly because I thought that the tea would pour out.)


yeti┼čmek (1to be grown, 2to catch, 3to be/arrive somewhere on time, 4..5..)

acele etmek (to hurry up)


yeti┼č+eme+ecek+iz-------------->yeti┼čemeyece─čiz (we won´t be able to be there on time)

yeti┼čemeyece─čiz diye (by thought "we won´t be able to be there on time")

acele et+dir(causative)+di(s.past)>acele ettirdi (she made sb. hurry up)


Yeti┼čemeyece─čiz diye beni acele ettirdi, bilgisayar─▒ getirmeyi unuttum. (She made me hurry up because she thought we wouldn´t arrive on time, I forgot to bring the computer.)


No need to write many examples. The same logic as the one which present simple tense is used. Just the tense is different but the meaning is the same.

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