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-lik - 1

ye┼čil (green)

ye┼čil+lik------------------------->ye┼čillik (greenness)


1. having green colour


ekmek (bread),

üzer (overside, onside) [it is always used in a conjugaton with a suffix]

küf (mould)


Ekme─čin üzerinde bir ye┼čillik var. Küf mü? (There is a greenness on the bread. Is it mould?)


2. forest


co─črafî (geographical)

bölge (region)

do─ču (east, eastern)

Karadeniz (the Blacksea)


ye┼čillik+li(having)---------------->ye┼čillikli (one that has greenness)


Anadolu´da en ye┼čillikli co─črafî bölge Do─ču Karadeniz. (The geograpgical region that has most greenness in Anatolia is the Eastern Blacksea.)


3. green vegetables

examples: lettuce, leek, scallion etc.


pazar (market place)

biraz (some)

almak (1to take, 2to buy, ...)


Pazardan biraz ye┼čillik ald─▒m. (I bought some of greens from the market place.)




ö─čretmen (teacher)


ö─čretmenlik (teaching / duty of teach)


meslek (job)


Ablam─▒n mesle─či ö─čretmenlik de─čil. (My sister´s job is teaching.)

/Ablam ö─čretmen de─čil. (My sister isn´t a teacher)


doktor (doctor)



Sekiz y─▒l Almanya´da doktorluk yapt─▒m. (I worked as a doctor for eight years in Germany. (direct: I did doctorness for eight years in Germany.))

=Sekiz y─▒l Almanya´da doktor olarak çal─▒┼čt─▒m. (I worked as a doctor for eight years in Germany.)


evlenmek (to get married)

garson (waiter)


evlen+me(verbal noun)+den önce------>evlenmeden önce (before getting married)



Evlenmeden önce garsonluk yap─▒yordu. (He used to work as a waiter before I got married. (direct: He was doing waiterness before I got married.))

=Evlenmeden önce garson olarak çal─▒┼č─▒yordu.


müzik (music)

müzisyen (musician)

yetenek (skill)

yüksek (high, advanced)


müzik yetenek+i---------------------->müzik yetene─či (musical skill (direct: skill of music))


müzisyenlik yetenek+i----------------->müzisyenlik yetene─či (musical skill (direct: skill of musicianness))

[both are the same]


Müzik yetene─či yüksek bir ö─črenci. (1A student whose musical skill is advanced. 2S/he´s a student whose musical skill is advanced.)

=Müzisyenlik yetene─či yüksek bir ö─črenci.


yapmak (to do)

┼čeref (honour)


yap+d─▒k+n(possessive)---------------->yapt─▒─č─▒n (that/what you do/did/were doing/have done/...)

┼čeref+siz----------------------------->┼čerefsiz (dishonourable)

┼čeref+siz+lik-------------------------->┼čerefsizlik (dishonour, dishonourableness)


Bu yapt─▒─č─▒n ┼čerefsizlik! (This what you have done is dishonour!)

clearer orthography: Bu yapt─▒─č─▒n, ┼čerefsizlik!


ev (house)

genç (young)


ev+li-------------------------------->evli (married (direct: having house))

ev+li+lik----------------------------->evlilik (marriage (the life that starts after the wedding ceremony))


Evlilik için henüz çok gençsin. (You are too young for a marriage yet.)

=Evlenmek için henüz çok gençsin. (You are too young to get married yet.)


giz, s─▒r (secret) ["giz" is almost never used without conjugating]

gizli (1hidden, 2concealed, 3private, individual)

ilke (principle)

ters (1inverted, reverse, 2upside down, 3contrary ,5....)


giz+li+lik---------------------------->gizlilik (privacy)

gizlilik ilke+i------------------------->gizlilik ilkesi (privacy principle)


Gizlilik ilkesine ters. (It´s missing the privacy principle.)


umar─▒m, in┼čallah (I hope)

deli (mad, crazy)


deli+lik----------------------------->delilik (madness)


─░n┼čallah bir delilik yapmazlar. (I hope they don´t do any madish thing. (direct: I hope they don´t do any madness.))


kek (cake (small ones))

tane (piece) (for countable things) (and doesn´t mean "slice")

tok (1full, not hungry, 2plummy (voice))

his (feeling)

vermek (to give)


kek+den----------------------------->kekten (from the cake)

kekten bir tane (one piece from the cake, one of the cake (not two or more))

tok+lik------------------------------->tokluk (fulness)

tokluk his+i--------------------------->tokluk hissi (feeling of fulness)


Kekten bir tane yersen doyuyorsun zaten; tokluk hissi veriyor. (You already become sated if you eat one of the cakes, it gives feeling of fulness.)

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