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-lik - 2

be (five)

dakika (minutes)

ark覺 (song)


be dakika... ark覺 

be dakikal覺k ark覺 (the song for five minutes) (direct: the song that plays for five minutes)


birkaç (a few)

i (1work, 2job, 3deed)


birkaç dakikal覺k i (the deed for a few minutes) (direct: the deed that takes a few months)


iki (two)

hafta (week)

gezi (1journey, 2trip)


iki hafta... gezi

iki haftal覺k gezi (the trip for two weeks) (direct: the trip that takes two weeks)


tur (1tour, 2lap)

yar覺 (race)


k覺rk yedi tur... yar覺

k覺rk yedi turluk yar覺 (the race for forty seven laps)


y覺l, sene (year)

aaç (tree)


yüz on y覺l... aaç

yüz on y覺ll覺k aaç (the hundred and ten years-old tree) (the tree for hundred and ten years)


Let´s start to make sentences, I´ve got bored of writing just adjectival clauses.


saat (1hour, 2clock, 3watch)

film (movie)


iki saat+lik-------------------------->iki saatlik (for two hours)


Film iki saatlikti. (The movie was taking two hours. / The movie was for two hours.)


as覺r, yüz y覺l (century)

imparator (emperor)


dokuz yüz y覺l (nine centuries, nine hundred years)

dokuz yüz y覺ll覺k (for nine centuries)

imparator+lik------------------------>imparatorluk (empire)


Osmanl覺 襤mparatorluu, dokuz yüz y覺ll覺k bir imparatorluktu. (The Ottoman Empire was an empire for nine centuries.)

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View all lessons in this class - The GRAMMAR Garden OF MEHMET111

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