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ne kadar ... o kadar ...

ne kadar? (how much?

o kadar (that much)

ise (if)


This construction consists of two sentences. The first part starts with "ne kadar", the second part starts with "o kadar". The first part includes a conditional clause, the second one is conjugated into an indicative mood.


çok (1many, 2much, 3too)

iyi (1good, 2well, 3fine)


çok+ise+- ------------------->çoksa (if it is much)

ne kadar çoksa (the more it is (direct: if how much it is))

benim için (for me)

benim için o kadar iyi (it is good for me that much)


Ne kadar çoksa benim için o kadar iyi. (The more it is, the better it is for me.)

Ne kadar çok olursa benim için o kadar iyi olur. (The more it is, the better it is for me (direct: The more it does be, the better it is for me.))


akam (evening)

geç (late)

yemek (1to eat, 2meal)

sal覺k (health)

kötü (bad)


akam+lar+覺(possessive)------>akamlar覺 (in evenings)

geç yer+ise+k---------------->geç yersek (if we eat late)

ne kadar geç yersek (the later we eat (direct: if how much late we eat))

sal覺k+m覺z-------------------->sal覺覺m覺z (our health)

sal覺覺m覺z için (for our health)

o kadar kötü (the worse it is (direct: it is bad that much))


Akamlar覺 ne kadar geç yersek sal覺覺m覺z için o kadar kötüdür. (The later we eat in evenings, the worse it is for our health.) (generalization)

=Akamlar覺 ne kadar geç yersek sal覺覺m覺z için o kadar kötü olur.


okunakl覺 (legible, readable)

yazmak (to write)

kolay (easy)

okumak (to read)


yaz+r(pres.simple)+ise+n------>yazarsan (if you write)

okunakl覺 yazarsan (if you write legibly)

ne kadar okunakl覺 yazarsan (the more legibly you write (direct: if how much you write legibly))

oku+n(passive)+r------------->okunur (it is read)

kolay okunur (it is read easily)

o kadar kolay okunur (the easier it is read (direct: it is read that much))


Ne kadar okunakl覺 yazarsan o kadar kolay okunur. (The more legibly you write, the more easily it is read.)


çabuk (quick)

haz覺r (ready)

erken (early)

ç覺kmak (1to go out, 2to ascend, 3...7...8....)


haz覺r+la+mak------------------------->haz覺rlamak (to prepare)

haz覺r+la+n(reflexive)+mak------------->haz覺rlanmak (to get ready)

haz覺r+la+n(reflexive)+r+ise+niz-------->haz覺rlan覺rsan覺z (if you get ready)

çabuk haz覺rlan覺rsan覺z (if you get ready quickly)

ç覺k+abil+r+iz-------------------------->ç覺kabiliriz (we can go out)

erken ç覺kabiliriz (we can go out early)


Ne kadar çabuk haz覺rlan覺rsan覺z o kadar erken ç覺kabiliriz. (The more quickly you get ready, the earlier we can go out.)


izlemek (to watch)

film (movie)

ilgi (interest)

çekmek (1to attract, 2extract, 3to withdraw, 4to suffer, to stand, ...)

az (1little, 2few)

konumak (1to talk, 2to speak)


izle+t(causative)+mek-------------->izletmek (to make smb. watch)

izle+t+l(passive)+ecek-------------->izletilecek (it will be make smb. watched)

izletilecek film (the movie to watch)

ilgisini çekmek (to attract one´s interest)

ilgi+leri+i--------------------------->ilgilerini (their interest (accusative))

çek+r+ise-------------------------->çekerse (if it attracts)

ilgilerini ne kadar çekerse (the more it attracts their interests)

konu+r+lar------------------------>konuurlar (they talk)

az konuurlar (they talk little)

o kadar az konuurlar (the less they talk (direct: they talk less that much)


襤zletilecek film ilgilerini ne kadar çekerse onlar da o kadar az konuurlar. (The more the movie to watch attracts their interest, the less they talk, too.)

Even if "çok" wasn´t used, it meant "çok" nevertheless. :)

the same ...ne kadar çok çekerse...


olay (event)

ayr覺nt覺l覺 (detailed)

aç覺k (1open, 2clear)

iyi (well)

kavramak (to understand, to comprehend)


aç覺k+la+mak-------------------->aç覺klamak (to explain (direct: to make sth. clear))

aç覺k+la+r+lar+ise---------------->aç覺klarlarsa (if they explain)

ayr覺nt覺l覺 aç覺klarlarsa (if they explain in details)

ne kadar ayr覺nt覺l覺 aç覺klarlarsa (the more detailed they explain)

anla+r+覺z----------------------->anlar覺z (we understand)

iyi kavrar覺z (we comprehend)


Olay覺 bize ne kadar ayr覺nt覺l覺 aç覺klarlarsa o kadar iyi kavrar覺z. (The more detailed they explain us the event, the better we comprehend it.)


imdiye kadar (so far, until now)

çal覺mak (1to work, 2to study)

baar覺 (success)

olmak (to be)

deimek (to change (intransitive))


çal覺+d覺+ise+m---------------->çal覺t覺ysam (if I have worked)

ne kadar çal覺t覺ysam (the more I have worked)

baar覺+l覺----------------------->baar覺l覺 (successful)

o kadar baar覺l覺 oldum (I have been successful)


imdiye kadar, ne kadar çal覺t覺ysam o kadar baar覺l覺 oldum ve bu deimeyecek. (So far, the more I have worked, the better/more I have been successful and this won´t change.)

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