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ne - 1

You write the interrogative sentences like usual. Before putting the question mark, you write "ne".


soru cümlesi + ne? The stress is at the word "ne".


1) It means that you are not aware of the situation.

2) It is also sometimes used when you pretend as if you don´t know the situation. That´s to say, you pretend as if you are not aware of the situation.

3) Sometimes, you use it when you want to make it verify.


biri, birisi (1one of them, 2someone, anyone)

gelmek (to come)

baba (father)


baba+m m覺?-------------------->babam m覺? (is he my father?)


Birisi geliyor. Babam m覺 ne? (Someone is coming. I´m not sure, but is he my father???)

(Imagine that you´re alone. You are trying to verify it by asking yourself.)


adam (man)

bura, buras覺 (here)

bakmak (to look)


bura+a------------------------>buraya (here (direct: to here, to this place))

bak+(覺)yor--------------------->bak覺yor (he is looking)


Adam buraya m覺 bak覺yor ne? (I´m not sure but is the man looking at here, isn´t it?)

(Imagine that your friend is beside you and you want to make your guess verify.)


köpek (dog)

hasta (ill, sick)

öyle (1so, like that 2in that way)

görünmek (to seem)


Köpek hasta m覺 ne, öyle görünüyor? (Is the dog sick, isn´t it; it seems so?)

(Imagine that there is someone beside you, and you ask him so as to be sure if he verifies by answering.)


bilmek (to know)

demek (to say)

anlamak (to understand)

gibi (like)


de+dik+ler(plural)+m(possessive)+i(accusative)--->dediklerimi (whatplural I say/said)

dediklerimi anlad覺 (he understood what I said)

dediklerimi anlad覺 gibi (in my opinion, he seems he has understood what I have said (direct: he is like he has understood what I have said))

Türkçe mi biliyor? (direct: Does he knows Turkish?) [the stress is at "Türkçe (Turkish)" because the interrogative "mi" is behind it.]


Türkçe mi biliyor ne? Dediklerimi anlad覺 gibi. (I´m not sure but can he speak Turkish? He seems he has understood what I´ve said.)


deli (mad, crazy)

sürekli (1continuously, 2again and again)

kendi kendine (oneself)

gülmek (to laugh)


Adam deli mi ne, kendi kendine sürekli gülüp duruyor. (I don´t know, if the man is mad; he is laughing himself again and again.)


piknik (picnic)

piknie gitmek (to go on a picnic)

piknik yapmak (to picnic (direct: to do a picnic))


Piknie mi gitsek? Hava çok güzel. (I don´t know, if we should go on a picnic; the weather is nice.)

Piknie mi gitsek ne? Hava çok güzel. (I don´t know, if we should go on a picnic, shouldn´t we? The weather is nice.)

(You are offering to someone something here. It´s clearer that you wait for an answer in the second sentence.)


selâ (a religional announce that is made from the mosque to inform people that someone is dead)

okumak (to read)


Birisi mi öldü; selâ okunuyor? (Has someone died; a sela is being announced?) 

Birisi mi öldü ne; selâ okunuyor? (Has someone died, hasn´t; a sela is being announced?)


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