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Samples of past tense sentences
Tazx1: Thanks denizli ... I´ll enoy watching both links ... I ... promi...
T to E please
ozangurbuz: "sorular sordu da cevap vermedim." although you should have put ama t...
TR to EN - translate pls
ozangurbuz: Can be translated as "oh your love loves you my dear."
please any help would be apprecıated
ahmet_a1b2: ... ... mekanlara olan ... ve ... hijyene verdikleri önem, ortam ...
E to T my attempt!
scalpel - -: You should keep in mind that accusative ... indicates the dir...
betti.s: from 10 to 11:30 : ... ... kadar11 to 11:45: ... ... (kadar) Ex: l r...
T to E
Polyglot: Timsi thank you
tr-->en, pls
Timsi: Thank you very much!
Zhou: Thanks for all of you!
Translation help
tunci: Yes, it is not well built sentence in Turkish , however your f...
Turkey loses legendary author Yaşar K...
alameda: May he rest in peace, I only read one of his novels, but the one I rea...
I need help with translation
nessah: "yes I´m seeing it, im telling u there is no ... ceren is ... ce...
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Present Simple Tense

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Verbal noun: 1.1

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Pamukkale evening Pamukkale evening

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Adjective and noun clauses

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Future Tense

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