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Women visiting hamam question
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40.       erdinc
2151 posts
 06 Jul 2006 Thu 10:41 pm

This is an interesting subject. I think it can be carried on on another forum. Thank you for your understanding.

41.       goner
506 posts
 10 Jul 2006 Mon 03:57 am

Hey Linaa,where are you? in hamam

42.       Trudy
7887 posts
 04 Oct 2006 Wed 09:13 pm

I have been to 4 hammams in Turkey: Cemberlitas in Istanbul (bad, expensive, touristic and they still ask for a tip - no way), Cağaloğlu in Istanbul (much better, less expensive), Sengul Merkez in Ankara (very good, cheap and cosy, absolutely only locals) and the hamman of The Marathon Hotel in Elazig (very very good, moderately priced).At the first 3 there were only women as staff, the last one only had a male for washing. In the first three I was without bathing clothes or peshtemal - I asked if I needed to but they all said no, the last one I covered myself in a peshtemal (they gave me 8, every time it was wet, I got a new one!). Used to sauna's in Holland I am not ashamed of being naked, even in mixed company but because I know my standards are not those of other people, I always ask what to do. If they do not speak English I ask with gestures. No problems ever happened. Next year I hope to go back to Elazig and I sure want to use that hamman in The Marathon again. That it was a male,it did not bother me. Besides if his hands were even a inch too far, I would not only have punched him very hard () I also would have complained of harrassment to the management (or even police), the same as I would do here when a staff member does not behave correctly.

43.       robin01
0 posts
 04 Oct 2006 Wed 09:18 pm

my husband says that the hamam visited by the women were washed by men was just for tourists..thats not heard of in turkey as a man would NEVER wash a woman and a Turkish woman woudl not allow this..neither would i actually in answer to elisa'a question if u feel the need to visit such an establishment i would suggest u do shave ur pubic hair if u dont already do so.. to be honest ive never met amyone that didnt shave their pubic hair nowadays..and no i havent seen a lot of people's downstairs..its just from general chit chat

if u want my advice u want to make sure it's a woman and not a man washing u unless u want people to get the wrong idea if u feel the need to go to a hamam

44.       Trudy
7887 posts
 04 Oct 2006 Wed 09:34 pm

@ Robin01 - you will be right in public hammams, but in hotel hammams they do not have a large staff most of the time. And giving the wrong idea? No way, you never saw my eyes and body language.... they are sure they can't try a thing! lol

BTW Of course I do shave, even the 'Turkish way'....

45.       robin01
0 posts
 04 Oct 2006 Wed 09:37 pm

lol..well it doesn't really matter to me becuase i would never visit such a place..im a prude in that way..man or woman i don't want them to see me although of course i too don't have a problem with pubic hair..
i think the idea of someone washing me is weird..im not a child or incapable yet

46.       robin01
0 posts
 04 Oct 2006 Wed 09:37 pm

and the hotel hamam is exactly my point..its four tourists..u wouldnt get a female turkish local going in these places..

47.       robin01
0 posts
 04 Oct 2006 Wed 09:42 pm

for tourists i meant of course..

48.       Trudy
7887 posts
 04 Oct 2006 Wed 09:46 pm

Quoting robin01:

and the hotel hamam is exactly my point..its four tourists..u wouldnt get a female turkish local going in these places..

Yep, they do. Business women do travel through Turkey and use four star hotels (like the Marathon). Don't mix the 'all-inclusive' hotels in the coastal area with those in the middle and east part of Turkey.

49.       Kehribar
1580 posts
 19 Nov 2006 Sun 03:26 pm


50.       kai
0 posts
 19 Nov 2006 Sun 04:53 pm

There is one on the coast in ölüdeniz which is hilarious to go to.
It is done by three men but they do not have a bad bone in their body. They were always joking around with men and women (tourists). Also every women who comes in wares their bikini and of course it is not objected to. There is only one women that worked there and she is the one serving the tea.

When people were finished in the steam room and had to wait to be scrubbed, the men used to fill buckets of cold/freezing water over the wall to get the tourist. We all ended up throwing water everywhere lol it was so hilarious and they are really nice.
Oh and guzel kiz the answer to the cold water was that some do pour cold water over you to sort of wake you up...but if they do it more than once it's a joke lol

Also if you have a turkish bath at the start of your holiday apparantly to foreigners it is helps you to get a better tan. Not sure if it's true though. :-S

(85 Messages in 9 pages - View all)
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