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I like America
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20.       Lapinkulta
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 20 Mar 2008 Thu 02:48 pm

Quoting Daydreamer:

Quoting Lapinkulta:

catwoman 13 Mar 2008 Thu 07:51 am

Hi AlphaF,
I would like to let you know that we decided to not have any topics about Israel or American politics in the forums any more. So please don't start those threads as they will be deleted.

Thank you.

Owww you missed the whole debate about changing TC. Let me fill you in, because some members here were complaining that Islam and Turkey are being ridiculed, new moderators were added to the forum and new rules were introduced. To avoid conflicts, it was decided that we stop insulting each other.

New rules stated that no discussion unrelated to Turkey should take place. This means no discussions about USA, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Burkina Faso or Antarctica. However, most members were against it. That's why, if you read Catwoman's yesterday's post:

Quoting catwoman:

It's not Keith, but me who asked Alpha to stop posting so many threads about the US and Israel. This was our plan for the forums - not to allow discussions of foreign politics and religion unless it's directly related to Turkey. It seems that everybody is against this rule though, so we can modify it into posting foreign news in a moderate way.

maybe you'll finally understand what it is all about.

Unbelievable as it may seem to you, people in the west (USA or Europe) are not afraid of criticism, we criticise our countries ourselves. The main worry here was that these discussions have little to do with Turkey. If rules are changed (and I believe they should allow talking about everything including USA, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Burkina Faso and/or Antarctica) you'll be free to say how much you hate USA. However, blaming mods for censoring your posts is a lie unless you prove it otherwise.

I do wonder though, why some members started to leave only AFTER the changes they called for were made. Again, that's pretty illogical...

welldone if u wrote this post yourself without moderators direction...

we dont hate anybody,we just dont like ppl who always talk about our sensitive subjects such as islam, Turkey,Turkish,terrorism etc even though it is not their business...ppl here mostly from west like talking about these and they minimize Turks,islam etc...they should criticise their own country and religion.if u dont like Turkey or Turks why u spend time here in TC.what are their aims??? is it chanching topic,diverting ppl on their own way of thinking and effecting others???

some ppl really deserves swears that s why he sworn was adonis guilty???why he has ben deleted???

21.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 20 Mar 2008 Thu 03:27 pm

Quoting Lapinkulta:

Because it is against the rules to have a lengthy personal exchange, I sent you a PM that I hope will explain all your doubts and you'll stop getting wind up by one thing over and over again. Regards.

22.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 20 Mar 2008 Thu 06:58 pm

For Canli:
If maize was first sown in Cilicia, it might also explain why the Turks called it misir , "Egypt," for until 1516 Cilicia was controlled by the Mamluks of Egypt. The Arabic name for maize used in Egypt, "Syrian sorghum," would also be explained, because under the Mamluks Cilicia was administered from Syria. After 1517, Cilicia, Syria and Egypt all formed part of the Ottoman Empire; anything proceeding therefrom was "Turkish."

(22 Messages in 3 pages - View all)
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