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Does he love me????
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1.       Lauren_05
22 posts
 30 Aug 2005 Tue 03:02 pm

hi i am only 15 years old and i met a turkish man over at side hes 18 and always tells me how much he loves me im back at liverpool know and he keeps ringing and txtin me I really like this guy and hes learnin more english for when i next go to turkey is this love or does he do they always do this kind of thing plz help?????

2.       Seticio
550 posts
 30 Aug 2005 Tue 03:18 pm

Turkish men are very romantic people, so don't be suprised that he writes beautiful words to you. It's a part of their culture: listen to their songs, most of them are about love, beloved women, pain of love etc. You are very young (ok, I'm also not that old and he's also young. The best way for you both is waiting in my opinion. But be careful, because many boys working in touristic areas dream about going to some european country, just like England. Just read Lyndie's essay about tourist industry in Turkey, you will easily understand why they want to live and work in soem other country...
Nevertheless I wish all the best and I hope you bf is a good man and everything will be all right.

3.       Lauren_05
22 posts
 30 Aug 2005 Tue 03:26 pm

Thankyou for your advice could you translate this for me seni cok seviyorum apkym... KOCAMAN OPUYORUM he sent me this and i dont understand wht it says thankyou

4.       Seticio
550 posts
 30 Aug 2005 Tue 03:45 pm

I love u very much my love; I kiss a lot (kocaman=huge actually )

5.       Lauren_05
22 posts
 30 Aug 2005 Tue 04:18 pm

so does it say i love you very much. huge kisses

6.       Seticio
550 posts
 30 Aug 2005 Tue 04:42 pm

yes and askim means my love. opuyorum means i kiss

7.       Lauren_05
22 posts
 30 Aug 2005 Tue 09:33 pm

Hi I rang Ahmet today he sounded down and I asked him did he want to cum on msn tonight and his replie was I dont know my darlin hr usually says I love yo but he didnt today whats happenin?? do you think hes goin of me?? plz help thankyou xxxxx

8.       Lyndie
968 posts
 30 Aug 2005 Tue 10:05 pm


Please read Seticio's reply to you again, it is full of good advice. It is not a case that he has 'gone off' you, but maybe he realises that you live too far apart and you are too young to be together and 'in love' - try and be friends with him and don't speak so much of love, turkish boys use this romantic language all the time, but you mustn't take it too seriously. Maybe when you rang him something was making him feel 'down' not necessarily anything to do with you. Also don't forget that lots of turkish boys don't have access to a computer all of the time and often don't have the money to go to an internet cafe. what is very small money to lots of us is very big money to boys in turkey. If they have no credit on their mobile, they can't just go and buy it when they want and it is the same with internet cafes. He also might not want to tell you the truth about this if he feels embarrassed, take my advice and be friends with him, remember that he will not have as much money as you do and remember that romantic language means something different to most turkish boys than it does to you. - Good luck.

9.       Lauren_05
22 posts
 31 Aug 2005 Wed 09:05 pm

Nana you have made my day thankyou so much i just hope ur right

10.       bliss
900 posts
 01 Sep 2005 Thu 06:46 am

Hello Lauren,
I read the posts and was thinking how nice to be in your age and experience such innocent love.I don't think your boy is not honest to you.You just have to understand his situation.Even he is very young but he is a man with a pride.I think he'll never tell you that he can't call you or send SMS because he doesn't have money.I know for sure how hard it is for man be in that kind of situation.
I never been in Turkey but met many young people in Russia and many other countries.They work all day for few dollars to help their families.It is very sad but it is reality.
I hope you can have patience and everything will be fine.
And if it is real love, then know that love can move mountains.Remember that love is patient.
My best wishes to you.
Regards Bliss.

(38 Messages in 4 pages - View all)
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