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Does he love me????
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10.       bliss
900 posts
 01 Sep 2005 Thu 06:46 am

Hello Lauren,
I read the posts and was thinking how nice to be in your age and experience such innocent love.I don't think your boy is not honest to you.You just have to understand his situation.Even he is very young but he is a man with a pride.I think he'll never tell you that he can't call you or send SMS because he doesn't have money.I know for sure how hard it is for man be in that kind of situation.
I never been in Turkey but met many young people in Russia and many other countries.They work all day for few dollars to help their families.It is very sad but it is reality.
I hope you can have patience and everything will be fine.
And if it is real love, then know that love can move mountains.Remember that love is patient.
My best wishes to you.
Regards Bliss.

11.       Lauren_05
22 posts
 01 Sep 2005 Thu 02:53 pm

Should I ring him and asked him whts the matter? i have sent him a text saying hi ahmet you sound down on the phone if you dont want to talk to me you dont have 2 whatever i have done im sorry bye lauren xx do u think i have done the wrong thing by sending this text to him at the time i didnt know wht to think know im thinking different he hasnt rang txted or emailed since then im worried everythink was goin right but know its seems like its goin wrong thankyou everyone for the advise you jave gaven me
I dont know what to think hes young and meets english women all the time I just hope for the best he hasnt forgotten about us and he will send me somethin so i know hes ok thanks lauren xxxxxxx

12.       Angela
75 posts
 02 Sep 2005 Fri 11:18 am

Hi Lauren

It's just a pity he couldn't read your posts here, and knew how you felt.

13.       Angela
75 posts
 02 Sep 2005 Fri 10:23 pm

Turkish Guys in here,

Could some of you express to Lauren and Nana and more girls the questions they ask on boyfriends. Since every man has there own individuality, there still remains the characteristics bred into the males, which seem apparent in each country but differ from country to country.

Such as: Turkish, the sweet words, the passion, the romantacism.

Looking to see whose brave to answer!

14.       freshman
704 posts
 02 Sep 2005 Fri 11:32 pm

you are right Angela...

15.       kelley
131 posts
 03 Sep 2005 Sat 06:14 am

Merhaba Classy Classmates

This topic of Love is interesting and I hope to see Posts of all kinds of people Men and Women all over the world as I do not believe in 'stereo types' and comparison of a person by there culture or nationality or beliefs. People are unique in there own way from within there heart shines through their character and soul.

I have had a few boyfriends in my life and a variety of culture/nationality/personality/character and from rich to poor German to French to Spanish or Italian as well as Turkish/German. Each one of these men were/are very Loving,passionate,Romantic and can be extremely honest or not. Some tell you what they think you want to hear and some tell you what you desire to hear and mean it.

They may at times make you crazy or you them,lol .
Briefly I have to say all my loves in my life past and present hold similar qualities in there own way. I feel we connect and attract people with some emotional bond we desire from within. As they do too......and hopefully the bond will grow deep and you will be complete and happy forever as one, everlasting true love I wish for all of us!

I believe in love and feel each person reflects there inner most feelings in a variety of ways and so do most girls/princess' or woman/queens and Prince Charming's/Gentlemen and men or Boy's
they have all kinds of personality traits or ways about them.
From To

What is important is to feel loved and hope that your true love feels loved as well in every way. If your feelings come from your heart that is the most fulfilling love to give as well as receive.................................the ultimate love to me anyway's. To grow together and share your soul and heart with someone is a blessing even if only once you experience true love and it lasts forever or not
be grateful you have or have had such a precious person in your world forever or short term
in your heart it will always be
the memories or the memories to be made will remain within your heart for a life time.
Be grateful as I am to have or have had such a precious person in your world wherever they are from.

I hope to see men and women's opinions of this subject of love. I also wish to all my classmates and friends and loved ones to find true love as it is the ultimate feeling to share with someone.
For all the posts they have been enlightening and enjoyable to read. (no more stereo typing when describing your love a Turkish boy or a Latin Lover the meaning of love is a unique quality we all have our own preferences & desires & needs.
I love that I am unique as a Princess/lady born in the USA and my nationalities really are not how I express or share love as I am proud of who I am of Swedish,French, & Norweigen decent but that is only a fraction of who I am as a loving person. As are all of us!!

All My Respect

Tsarevna Stacia
Kelley Cali
:flowerseace&Happiness To All!
Byessssssssssssssssssssssssssss for now Take Care!

16.       Angela
75 posts
 03 Sep 2005 Sat 11:53 am

Hi Kelly:

Very true what you wrote on love.

The girls were asking questions which I hoped some of the men in here would answer them.

Maybe not stereo types but in certain countries, marriages are arranged without being in love, and dictated by families. Then they learn to love.

Even some European countries as my sister in law who is Cypriot stipulated her brother here in England went to look at who is now her sister in law and then arranged to be married. Same with her cousins. Without courting etc. Also in another country without falling in love I was asked by two different males to seriously get married. I had just spoken with them. One said he did not want a girl from his own country as they are lazy and liked a lot of money to spend. He was under the influence that we work hard. That there was another English girl nearby and I would have a friend of an English girl. All in the plan!

Another just talking to him was a sailor, very well off in his own country and had a beautiful speedboat etc. he got someone to say to me. Next time he came back from sea he would not go back if I lived with him. Plan again.

This same race of people, I was told by a colleague that he was friendly with a European and he was not happy because he was married to a girl from here and she worked in a shop and lived in a colliery house. He must have thought all English people live in big detached houses and are very wealthy. He told my colleague. My colleague also said he had a plan exactlty the same conclusion I came to: and he got to work in places to meet wealthier women. He worked in a hotel to try and meet a wealthy woman and then went to work in a hospital as a porter and ended up marrying a lady doctor and they are living in a very exclusive area in the North of England, in contrast to his previous wife. His plan paid off. I don't know which country he was from but he is from a country where there are 6 countries in. Work it out.

Maybe sometimes the brain takes over love.

17.       Lauren_05
22 posts
 25 Sep 2005 Sun 04:52 pm

does anyone know wht this means bende seni ├â┬žok seviyorum bebeğim thankyou

18.       Lindaxxx
230 posts
 25 Sep 2005 Sun 05:32 pm

Hi Lauren,

I have only been learning Turkish for two weeks, but I can tell you that: seni ├â┬žok seviyorum bebeğim means: I love you very much my baby, the only word that I am not sure about is "bende" I will try and find out for you.

19.       Seticio
550 posts
 25 Sep 2005 Sun 07:03 pm

ben de meand "me too"

20.       Seticio
550 posts
 25 Sep 2005 Sun 07:04 pm

so it all means 'I love you very much too, my baby'

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