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Pssst.....Turkish onomatopoeic words for animal sounds
1.       acute
202 posts
 15 Feb 2012 Wed 11:02 pm

bee        vzzzzzzzz, vzzzzzz

cat         miyauv miyauv

bird         cik cik

cow         mooooo ( i have also seen huuuuu huuuuu )

crow        gaaak, gaak

cuckoo     guguk, guguk

dog          hav, hav

dokey       a-iiii, a-iii

duck         vak, vak

goat         be-e-e-eh be-e-e-eh

hen           gut-gut-gudak

horse         ih-ih-ihaaa

mouse        cyik, cyik

owl            uuu, uuuu

rooster       kuk-kurri-kuuu

sheep         me-e-e-eh, me-e-e-eh

turkey        glu, glu


are there any others  for these animals or other animals?


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2.       scalpel
1472 posts
 15 Feb 2012 Wed 11:18 pm

The sheep says bee (baa) but Turks hear it as mee (maa) {#emotions_dlg.lol}  

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3.       Henry
2604 posts
 15 Feb 2012 Wed 11:18 pm

there are also Turkish verbs to say this

miyavlamak = to meow

havlamak = to bark

tıslamak = to hiss (like a snake, cat or goose)

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4.       acute
202 posts
 15 Feb 2012 Wed 11:27 pm

very cool i found some more too

dog chewing on bone     haart, haart

angry dog                    hirrrr

dog panting                 heh heh heh

dog drinking                 slap slap slap

dove                          gu gu gu guuk

horse hooves               deg-a-dek

lion roaring                   Uaghhhhhhhh

snake                          sss

wolf                            ooo ooo


hope these are right


5.       si++
3785 posts
 16 Feb 2012 Thu 10:08 am

See also: this thread

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6.       acute
202 posts
 16 Feb 2012 Thu 06:28 pm

excellent thread si

thank you {#emotions_dlg.super_cool}

7.       nadyako
8 posts
 21 Feb 2012 Tue 10:55 am


Quoting scalpel

The sheep says bee (baa) but Turks hear it as mee (maa) {#emotions_dlg.lol}


It´s a subjective interpretation... i dont see anything extraordinary... i am Bulgarian and we use the same phonation... no offense, thanks

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