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Halbuki& kadar
1.       nifrtity
1806 posts
 06 Nov 2012 Tue 11:28 pm

What is the grammar rules for both of (Halbuki ) and (kadar)?

Thanks in advance.

2.       Alberto86
4 posts
 09 Nov 2012 Fri 06:34 am

Halbuki u can use but or when you want to add more things  and negative and pozitive  sentences  I didn´t understand kadar mean u can say until or when you ask me kadar it means how much 

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3.       Henry
2604 posts
 09 Nov 2012 Fri 08:16 pm


Quoting nifrtity

What is the grammar rules for both of (Halbuki ) and (kadar)?

Thanks in advance.


Nifrtity, I think it is time that you bought a good Turkish grammar book, like

Turkish an essential grammar

There are several pages in the book explaining the many uses of kadar.

With the dative marking (a/e) it means

1) until, by (for times) sabaha kadar until (the) morning

2) as far as (for places) İstanbul´a kadar = as far as Istanbul

Without the dative marking it can be used for "as .....as ...."

like these excellent examples from Tunci found here


You [all] are as generous as we are.

Siz bizim kadar cömertsiniz.

She is as bad-tempered as her father.

O babası kadar huysuzdur.

My table is as strong as your table.

Benim masam senin masan kadar sağlamdır.

Turkish is as easy as English.

Türkçe, İngilizce kadar kolaydır.

I drive as carefully as you do.

[Ben] Senin kadar dikkatli araba sürerim.

He sang as beautifully as you did.

O senin kadar güzel şarkı söyledi.

We can work as fast as they do.



[Biz] Onlar kadar hızlı çalışabiliriz.

The more you study the more you will learn.

Ne kadar çok çalışırsan o kadar çok öğrenirsin.

The sooner he starts the earlier he will finish the job.

Ne kadar erken başlarsa, işi o kadar erken bitirir.

The less you eat, the thinner you will get.

Ne kadar az yersen , o kadar çok zayıflarsın.

The harder you work, the more money you get.

Ne kadar çok çalışırsan , o kadar çok para kazanırsın.

The more you drink coffee, the more you lose your sleep.

Ne kadar çok kahve içersen,  o kadar çok uykun kaçar.


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4.       nifrtity
1806 posts
 09 Nov 2012 Fri 08:20 pm


Quoting Henry




Thanks very much

I have "turkish grammar " by Lewis

Is that good?

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5.       Henry
2604 posts
 10 Nov 2012 Sat 05:47 am


Quoting nifrtity

Thanks very much

I have "turkish grammar " by Lewis

Is that good?

In my opinion, that book is very old now, and was written a long time ago. It is very thorough, but also dated, and he mentions things that are not in current language usage.

The book I recommended is very useful for an intermediate level Turkish learner like yourself. It was first published in 2011, so everything it writes about is very current. I also like the way the book is set out. I think Abla also has this book, and I hope she agrees with me. Smile


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6.       Abla
3647 posts
 10 Nov 2012 Sat 01:39 pm

I agree, Lewis is probably not the best book available for learners. But I still use it every day because of its excellent Index.

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