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Polite English For Turks
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30.       gokuyum
5049 posts
 01 Jun 2013 Sat 02:25 am


Quoting stumpy

hum! people seem to forget this is not Dear Abby nor a dating site also, first rule of the internet be carefull what you post.



You say this

31.       LonsingerAmber
34 posts
 03 Jun 2013 Mon 10:07 pm



Merhaba (Faruk). {#emotions_dlg.love} {#emotions_dlg.head_bang} Cry

We have just put psychological love and spiritual love into practice. In psychology, spiritual beliefs can be divided into three categories of influence: inspiring, ineffectual, and deleterious. Deleterious beliefs are those that can provoke feelings of

distress, such as guilt, anger, anxiety, or shame. Anger, passion and all these provoked feelings of deleterious beliefs react the same in the brain,

chemically and spiritually are the same. "If I have earned your anger, I have earned your passion". You wrote: "I´m scared now", which your fear here is identified with the anxiety of only anticipation, or: not knowing what to expect

in this case! This is what you meant, not "I´m so scared of you, Allah Allah" as

could be and was assumed.Considering all this, when I wrote ´I am ashamed", your response to my shame was an anxious emoticon.

All this means is that even with negativity, we were mutual.

You were responding to me mutually still. Instead of writing that

I was ashamed, I should have wrote " O hala beni seviyor", because your ´fear´ was based on anxiety of anticipation, of not knowing what to expect.

Forgive me for the misunderstanding.


Ben ne yapabilirim ki, işte böyle bir sevda benimkisi. Arkadaş olmamız mümkün mü? Zaman alabilir ama seninle tanışmayı. Tanışmak ister misin?

Tek kelimeyle harikasen Faruk. Umarım iyisindir ve farklı bir konuyla ilgili başka herhangi bir sorun olursa, bana mesaj at. Ama yaramaz bir durum yok değil mi?

Bu zamanda bir sürü işim var. İyi uykular ve bir tek şeyi unutma: Takdirsız yaşanmaz.


İyi bir hafta geçirmen dileğiyle.



32.       Faruk
1607 posts
 03 Jun 2013 Mon 10:41 pm

I didn´t understand what you told above. But we are already friends. 

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