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how is your relationship with your ex-love?
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1.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 12 Oct 2005 Wed 11:05 pm

i am waiting for your answers...

2.       Lindaxxx
230 posts
 12 Oct 2005 Wed 11:55 pm

Start the ball rolling Duskhavesi, and tell us about yours lol

3.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 13 Oct 2005 Thu 12:02 am

i just ask

4.       Lindaxxx
230 posts
 13 Oct 2005 Thu 12:07 am

Mmmmm dark horse

5.       freshman
704 posts
 13 Oct 2005 Thu 05:34 am

I havent an ex-love so it is not my problem

6.       kelley
131 posts
 13 Oct 2005 Thu 12:51 pm

lol WHICH ONE?(lol)

Peace And Love to all!!!
Tsarevna Stacia

7.       kelley
131 posts
 13 Oct 2005 Thu 12:59 pm

Hello Classy Classmates,

I am good friends with my last Love,EX...(Alfredo).

He took me to my last Doctor Appointment and out to lunch

on Monday.

I can tell him (Almost) anything.

It is nice!!!

Peace & Love
Tsarevna Stacia

8.       Lindaxxx
230 posts
 07 Nov 2005 Mon 09:11 pm

It is now Freshman......you have two!!!

9.       martuskaaa
63 posts
 07 Nov 2005 Mon 09:44 pm

Every ralation with ex-lovers is sick.Belive me...There is nothing good in it.Scratching wounds.But of course I respect all of your opinions.HIIII to everybody from Poland

10.       catwoman
8933 posts
 08 Nov 2005 Tue 02:26 am

There is a saying that says 'only those lovers can forget about each other who didn't love enough to hate' [meaning - hate after they sepapated].

11.       evilhermit
44 posts
 08 Nov 2005 Tue 03:47 am

How about a 15+ year long distance relationship?
We were going to get married but things changed in our individual worlds. Now, though it's officially 'ended' we're even closer than before, best friends.
We can talk about anything (and do)

12.       sophie
2712 posts
 08 Nov 2005 Tue 10:03 am

Catwoman, you are absolutely right!

13.       fazi
24 posts
 08 Nov 2005 Tue 02:48 pm

hej Marta

14.       Nikki
51 posts
 08 Nov 2005 Tue 11:27 pm

Never give them a thought.

15.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 09 Nov 2005 Wed 03:32 am

Quoting Nikki:

Never give them a thought.


16.       evilhermit
44 posts
 09 Nov 2005 Wed 03:41 am

Perhaps, Dusk, because such relationships are in the past and may be better left there. Rather than dwell upon them. I could understand that viewpoint too.

17.       annalovesmed
78 posts
 09 Nov 2005 Wed 01:54 pm

my relationships with my ex's all started in friendship. Since the foundation is friendship, it is not so difficult for me to be friends with them after the break up. But i must admit, it took me sometime to recover the friendship!

18.       TürkXiquet
 09 Nov 2005 Wed 02:13 pm

... Somehow I feel I'll only really manage to let go and forget about my ex (now officially just a good friend), once I see him happy with a new partner...

I wonder if that sounds normal to you, or a bit sick ...?

Selamlar !

19.       annalovesmed
78 posts
 09 Nov 2005 Wed 02:28 pm

it is not sick to hope for the best for someone you once loved...or still love. it is pretty normal for me.

20.       asik_melek
12 posts
 09 Nov 2005 Wed 06:25 pm

I have a very good relationship with my ex. He is nice person and before starting our relation we were excellent friends. After been together for a while we realized we just dont work as a couple and we broke but we still talk often, we are good friends...
I think that all depends in the kind of relation you actually had with your ex.

21.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 25 Mar 2013 Mon 10:41 am


Quoting asik_melek

.. I think that all depends in the kind of relation you actually had with your ex.


not at all...I think it all depends in you and he..even a relation was great, after 2 persons broke up they could stay friends, or become big enemies...

(21 Messages in 3 pages - View all)
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