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Vowel Harmony in Simple Past Tense
Answer questions 1 - 8 based on the following text:

The past tense suffix has four instances: -dı, -di, -du, -dü. How should we decide which one to pick? The answer is very simple. We look to the last vowel.


1. a or ı is followed by -dı,

2. e or i is followed by -di,

3. o or u is followed by -du,

4. ö or ü is followed by -dü.



"oku" (read) is the verb stem. The last vowel in "oku" is "u". Therefore we pick "-du" and it becomes "okudu"(s/he read).


Notice that when we use negative in past tense, the negative suffix -me or -ma comes before the past tense suffix and it will change the last vowel. 


okumadı (s/he didn´t read)


Of course the negative suffix itself follows vowel harmony as well.


Complete these sentences using the same verb once in affirmative and once in negative form in the same sentence:


(okumak) Ali çok kitap okudu ama Ayşe okumadı.


(yüzmek) Ayşe denizde ... ama Ali ...


(gitmek) Ayşe okula ... ama Ali ...


(oynamak) Ali futbol ... ama Ayşe ...


(içmek) Ayşe süt ... ama Ali ...


(uyumak) Ayşe çok ... ama Ali ...


(gelmek) Ayşe eve ... ama Ali ...


(yapmak) Ayşe ödev ... ama Ali ...


(yorulmak) Ayşe çok ... ama Ali ...

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