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Unlike many other languages, syntax in Turkish is different. We put verbs at the end of sentences.

We mainly seperate sentences in two branches:


1) Regular Sentences


2) Irregular Sentences


We will first start with Regular Sentences.


We can simply formulize RS as shown here:


Pronoun (Özne) + Object (Nesne) + Verb (Fiil / Yüklem)


In English, this formula is "pronoun + verb + object". In Turkish, verb and object change place. Let´s see:


I read book: I; pronoun + read; verb + book; object.


In Turkish; I is "ben" , read is "okumak" and book is "kitap". "I read" is a Simple Present Tense for 1.Singular Pronoun;

Okumak > Okurum = I read


Let´s remember the formula:


Pronoun (Özne) + Object (Nesne) + Verb (Fiil / Yüklem)


         Ben              +          kitap           +            okurum


Have you seen the difference?


Let´s do it with "I am studying lesson".


study: çalışmak and lesson: ders



Pronoun (Özne) + Object (Nesne) + Verb (Fiil / Yüklem)


      Ben               +           ders           +         çalışıyorum


Let´s do it for "We are studying lesson"


      Biz                +           ders            +         çalışıyoruz




You read book, we studied lesson.


Siz kitap okudunuz, biz ders çalıştık.


They drunk tea, we drunk coke.


Onlar çay içti, biz kola içtik.


I watched television.


Ben televizyon izledim/seyrettim.


I´m playing computer.


Ben oyun oynuyorum.


You didn´t do homework:


Sen ödev yapmadın.


I saw the teacher:


Ben öğretmeni gördüm.


We didn´t see the teacher:


Biz öğretmeni görmedik.


In next chapter, we will see sentences with "Dolaylı Tümleç"; when an object receives "-e, -de and -den" suffixes.










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