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lesson 1 - suffix meli/mal羸

To ´express need´ in english we use, ´need´, ´have to´, ´must´, in turkish we use the suffix meli/mal覺. For example: gitmeliyim ´I must go´. When making an ´express need´ sentence in turkish just remember this formula:


verb + meli/mal覺 + personal suffix


The Personal suffixes for this suffix are:

I must + im

You must + sin

He/she/it must + no personal ending

we must + iz

you must + siniz

They must + ler


Let´s do an example

I must come

gel + meli + yim



Before we move on take a look at the ´y´ at the end of the turkish sentence. If you don´t know what the ´y´ is then in turkish this is called the ´buffer letter´. A buffer letter basically separates two vowels from sitting together. We will have a separate lesson on the ´buffer letter´ another time so won´t go in to detail about it now but just wanted to point this out to you.


Let´s do another example

I must take

al + mal覺 + y覺m



Now with the sentence above can you see that there are no dots above the ´i´´s. Take a look at the verb



the turkish vowels are

e i ö ü 

a 覺 o u 


I say the ´e i ö ü´ are the ´front´ vowels


the ´a 覺 o u´ are the ´back´ vowels


In this suffix:

If the last letter of the verb is ´e i ö ü´ then the (y)im/sin/iz/siniz/ler would be used

If you last letter of the verb is ´a 覺 o u´ then the (y)覺m/s覺n/覺z/lar would be used




git + meli + yim

(in the verb is the vowel ´i´ + so the suffix would be ´meli´ + and then the personal suffix would be ´(y)im´)


al + mal覺 + y覺m

(in the verb is the vowel ´a´ + so the suffix would be ´mal覺´ + and then the personal suffix would be ´(y)覺m)


Here are a few examples to make use with the ´front´ vowels:


I must give - ver + meli + yim - vermeliyim

You must go - git + meli + sin - gitmelisin

He must watch - izle + meli - izlemeli

We must come - gel + meli + yiz - gelmeliyiz

You must see - gör + meli + siniz - görmelisiniz

They must send - gönder + meli + ler - göndermeliler


Here are a few examples to make use with the ´back´ vowels:


I must stay - kal + mal覺 + y覺m - kalmal覺y覺m

You must take - al + mal覺 + s覺n - almal覺s覺n

He must believe - inan + mal覺 - inanmal覺

We must be - ol + mal覺 + y覺z - olmal覺y覺z

You must do - yap + mal覺 + s覺n覺z - yapmal覺s覺n覺z

They must put - koy + mal覺 + lar - koymal覺lar


Try making up your own examples and seeing how you get on. Keep going over the lesson until you feel confident that you know this suffix.



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