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Lessons by bebek_kiz

Beginner Level Lessons (15)

1. lesson 1 - suffix meli/malý
learning the suffix meli/malý
2. lesson 2 - lazým
learn the suffix ´lazým´
3. lesson 3 - suffix lazým deðil
lazým deðil
4. lesson 4 - the suffix ´I can´
5. lesson 5 - The suffix ´I can´t´
6. lesson 6 - the suffix ´let´
learn the ´let´ suffix
7. lesson 7 - numbers (1-10)
learning to count in turkish
8. Lesson 8 - numbers (11-20)
learning to count in turkish number 11-20
9. Lesson 9 - learn the alphabet
10. Past tense
11. Personal Pronouns
12. Possessive pronouns
13. Today´s day is.........
How to write what day it is in turkish
14. Today´s date
What is the date
15. Negatives

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