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lesson 2 - laz羸m

to say ´have to´ in turkish you use the word, ´laz覺m´. The formula to use is:

verb + me/ma + personal suffix + laz覺m


The Personal suffixes

I have to - m

You have to - n

he/she/it has to - si/s覺

We have to - miz/m覺z

You have to - niz/n覺z

They have to - leri/lari


Let´s do an example:


I have to come

gel + me + m + laz覺m

gelmem laz覺m


You have to stay

kal + ma + n + laz覺m

kalman laz覺m



Let´s do some more examples examples using only the ´front´ vowels


I have to go

git + me + m + laz覺m

gitmem laz覺m


You have to give

ver + me + n + laz覺m

vermen laz覺m


He has to see

gör + me + si + laz覺m

görmesi laz覺m


We have to send

gönder + me + miz + laz覺m

göndermemiz laz覺m


You have to learn

ören + me + niz + laz覺m

örenmeniz laz覺m


They have to marry

evlen + me + leri + laz覺m

evlenmeleri laz覺m



Now let´s look at some examples using the ´back´ vowels


I have to take

al + ma + m + laz覺m

almam laz覺m


You have to put

koy + ma + n + laz覺m

koyman laz覺m


He have to believe

inan + ma + s覺 + laz覺m

inanmas覺 laz覺m


We have to speak

konu + ma + m覺z + laz覺m

konumam覺z laz覺m


You have to read

oku + ma + n覺z + laz覺m

okuman覺z laz覺m


They have to start

bala + ma + lar覺 + laz覺m

balamalar覺 laz覺m


Now you have looked over these examples try making some examples of your own. Don´t move on to the next lesson until you are confident with this suffix



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