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Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-4.b.a

I will not do a long pre-explanation. :) I´m gonna just say that we call it "isim tamlamas覺" in Turkish. By direct translation: noun complement.


A) Belirtili 襤sim Tamlamas覺 (Definite Posessive Determiner)


The formula of these is:


NOUN(genitive) + NOUN(posessive of 3rd person) 


We call "tamlayan" the part which takes genitive suffix, "tamlanan" the part which takes the posessive of 3rd person. The name of "genitive case" is "tamlayan hâli" like you know from the previous lessons. Such it bases on this.


If we call "tamlayan" as "x1" and "tamlanan" as "x2" , the formula is like that:


X1+in............X2+i = X2..........of.....the X1


kad覺n (woman)

çanta (bag)

mavi (blue)

kad覺n+in çanta+覺 ---> kad覺n覺n çantas覺 (the bag of the woman)

Kad覺n覺n çantas覺 mavi. (The bag of the woman is blue)


maç (match)

sonuç (result)

maç+覺n sonuç+覺 ---> maç覺n sonucu (the result of the match)

Maç覺n sonucu 2-1. (The score of the match is 2-1)



bakent (capital city)

Türkiye+in bakent+i ---> Türkiye´nin bakenti (the capital of Turkey)

Türkiye´nin bakenti 襤stanbul deil, Ankara. (The capital of Turkey is Ankara, not 襤stanbul.)


resmî (official)

dil (1language, 2tongue)

resmî dil (official language)

Singapur (Singapore)

Singapur+in resmî dil+i ---> Singapur´un resmî dili

Singapur´un resmî dili Çince. (The official language of Singapore is Chinese.)


internet (internet)

h覺z (speed)

düük (low)

bugün (today)

internet+in h覺z+i --> internetin h覺z覺 (the speed of the internet)

Bugün internetin h覺z覺 çok düük. (The speed of the internet is too low)


aile (family)

aile+m(pos. of 1st sng.) --> ailem (my famly)

aile+m(pos. of 1st sng.)+in(genitive)--->ailemin (of my family)

karar (decision)

ailem+in karar+覺 ---> ailemin karar覺 (the decision of my family)

Tabiî ki de ailemin karar覺 önemli; kendim karar veremem. (The decision of my family is important of course, i can´t decide myself.)


oda (room)

oda+lar(plural)+miz(pos. of 1st plu.)+in(genitive)-->odalar覺m覺z覺n (of our rooms)

kap覺 (door)

kap覺+lar(plural)+i(pos.)--->kap覺lar覺 (of its doors)

odalar覺m覺z+覺n kap覺lar+覺 --> odalar覺m覺z覺n kap覺lar覺 (the doors of our rooms)

Odalar覺m覺z覺n kap覺lar覺 kilitliydi. (The doors of our rooms were locked)


bahçe (garden)

bahçe+de(loc.)-->bahçede (in the garden)

araba (car)

bahçe+de+ki(conjuctive) araba+lar(plural)+in(genitive)-->bahçedeki arabalar覺n (of the cars that are in the garden)

tüm, tamam (whole,all)


bahçedeki arabalar覺n tümü (all of the cars that are in the garden)

Bahçedeki arabalar覺n tümü siyah. (All of the cars that are in the garden are black.)


sol (left)

el (hand)

küçük (small, little)

çocuk (child)

sol el (left hand)

küçük çocuk (little child)

küçük çocuk+in sol el+i -->küçük çocuun sol eli (the left hand of the little child)

Küçük çocuun sol eli yaral覺. (The left hand of the little child is injured.)


en yüksek (highest)

da (mountain)

dünya (world)

en yüksek da (the highest mountain)

Dünya+in en yüksek da+覺 ---> Dünya´n覺n en yüksek da覺 (the highest mountain of the world)

Everest, Dünya´n覺n en yüksek da覺. (The Everest is the highest mountain of the world.)


benim (my)

ayak (foot)

benim aya覺m (my foot)


onun (his/her/its)

her ey (everything)

Onun her eyi (Everything of him)

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