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I┬┤m a 19 years-old university student who likes learning languages and helping people for his own language. I write the lessons as long as I have time to do it. I explain the topics as detailedly as possible. edit: Today is 10.10.2013, I have written 108 lessons but there are many more lessons to write. Like I said, I┬┤ll write as long as I have time. edit2: I usually mayn┬┤t look at the comments. If I reply late, sorry.

Beginner Level Lessons (34)

1. Turkish Grammar-1 : Introduction
Some general knowledges and knowledges about alphabet have been told in this lesson.
2. Turkish Grammar-2 : Vowel Harmonies-1
Major Vowel Harmony
3. Turkish Grammar-2 : Vowel Harmonies-2
Minor Vowel Harmony
4. Turkish Grammar-3 : Consonants-1
The hardening of the consonant has been told
5. Turkish Grammar-3 : Consonants-2
The softening of the consonant multiplying of the consonant have been told in this lesson
6. order of the sentence
the orders of the sentences in Turkish and the changings of the meaning according to their places
7. Turkish Grammar-4 : N, S, ├×, Y
The combinative letters have been told in this lesson
8. Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-1
Some general features of the nouns have been told.
9. Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-2.a
The positional suffixes have been told. (nominative, accusative and dative)
10. Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-2.b
The positional suffixes have been told. (locative, ablative and genitive)
11. Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-3
The nouns with personal suffixes, starting to make basic sentences
12. Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-4.a
Possessive suffixes
13. Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-4.b.a
The possessive determiners : Definite possessive determiner
14. Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-4.b.b
The posessive Determiners : Indefinite posessive determiner
15. Turkish Grammar-5: Pronouns-5.1
Pronouns: Personal, Posessive and Reflexive Pronouns
16. Turkish Grammar-5: Pronouns-5.2
Demonstrative and Indefinitive Pronouns
17. Turkish Grammar-5: Pronouns-5.3
Reflexive and interrogative pronouns
18. Turkish Grammar-6: Verbs-1
Introduction into the verbs. The infinitive form of the verbs.
19. Turkish Grammar-6: Verbs-2
The verb ´imek´ and the present continuous
20. Turkish Grammar-6: Verbs-3.1
The present simple tense
21. Turkish Grammar-6: Verbs-3.2
The present simple tense
22. Turkish Grammar-6: Verbs-4
The simple past tense
23. Turkish Grammar-6: Verbs-5.1
The unknown past tense
24. Turkish Grammar-6: Verbs-5.2
The unknown past tense
25. Turkish Grammar-6: Verbs-6
The future tense
26. Turkish Grammar-7: Adjectives-1
Introduction into the adjectives, the demonstrative and indefinitive adjectives
27. Turkish Grammar-7: Adjectives-2
The suffix "-ki" which makes adjectives and the interrrogative adjectives
28. Turkish Grammar-7: Adjectives-3
Comparative and Superlative
29. Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-6.1
The extra verbs: "-di"
30. Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-6.2
The extra verb: "ise"
31. Turkish Grammar-5: Nouns-6.3
The extra verbs: "-mi├ż"
positional ending/suffix
33. The numbers - 1
how to write the numbers
34. The numbers - 2
days, months, dates

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