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Turkish Grammar-5: Pronouns-5.3



kim (who)


You can put case suffixes or plural suffix like you can do put to the common nouns.


kim+ler(plural)-------->kimler (it is "who" again in English :D)

kim+in(genitive)------->kimin (whose)


kamyon (the truck)


kim+in kamyon+i ---------------->kimin kamyonu


O kimin kamyonu? (Whose truck is it?)


görmek (to see)


kim+ler+i(accusative)------------>kimleri (whom (plural))

gör+di+n------------------------>gördün (you saw)


Kimleri gördün? (Whom did you see?)


hangi (which)


hangi+i(posessive)------------------->hangisi (which one of them?)

hangi+miz--------------------------->hangimiz (which one of us?)

hangi+niz---------------------------->hanginiz (which one of you?)

hangi+ler+i-------------------------->hangileri (which ones of them?)

hangi+ler+miz------------------------>hangilerimiz (which ones of us?)

hangi+ler+niz------------------------->hangileriniz (which ones of you?)


pahal覺 (expensive)


Evlerin hangisi daha pahal覺? (Which one of the houses is the most expensive?) (direct:Which one of the houses is more expensive?)


Evlerin hangileri daha pahal覺? (Which ones of the houses is the most expensive?) (direct...................more expensive?)


kaç tane (how many?)



kaç+覺 / kaç tane+i------------------->kaç覺 / kaç tanesi (how many of them?)

kaç+m覺z/kaç tane+miz--------------->kaç覺m覺z/kaç tanemiz (how many of us?)

kaç+n覺z/kaç tane+niz---------------->kaç覺n覺z/kaç taneniz (how many of you?)


Kaç taneniz/kaç覺n覺z burada kalacak? (How many of you will stay here?)




Seneye öretmenlerinizden/öretmenlerinizin kaç tanesi emekli olacak? (How many of your teachers will get retired next year?)


The question becomes more specific when you say "kaç tanesi". But this is not a very important detail. Don´t think this very much. Go on!


ne kadar (how much)


ne kadar+覺--------------------->ne kadar覺 (how much of them/it)


Yourdun ne kadar覺 kald覺? (How much of the yoghurt remained?)

Yar覺s覺 kald覺. (Half of it remained)




The essential reflexive pronoun is "kendi". We add the posessive suffixes.


kendi (oneself)


as nominative:

kendi+m -----------> kendim (myself)

kendi+n------------> kendin (yourself)

kendi/kendi+i-------> kendi/kendisi (itself, himself, herself)

kendi+miz----------> kendimiz (ourselves)

kendi+niz---------->  kendiniz (yourselves)

kendi+leri----------> kendileri (theirselves)


You can add case suffixes.


pasta (the cake)

yapmak (1to do, 2to make)


kendi+m+e pasta yap+d覺+m----->kendime pasta yapt覺m (i made (a) cake (for) myself.)




Pastay覺 kendim yapt覺m. (I made the cake myself)


dev (the giant)

ayna (the mirror)

dev aynas覺 (the distorting mirror (direct: the giant mirror))

görmek (to see)


kendi+i dev ayna+覺+da görmek----------->kendini dev aynas覺nda görmek (to think no small beer of oneself)



Kendinde misin? (Are you conscious?) (direct: Are you at yourself?)


kendi kendine (only oneself)


Kendi kendime konuuyordum (I was talking to myself)

Kendi kendine güler. (He laughs to himself) (namely, there is no one around him. He laughs by himself)

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